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Adobe Flash Player Blocked on Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge Browsers


Adobe Flash Player is baked into pretty much all popular browsers. However, the way in which the developers of these browsers choose to deliver Flash to their users differs. While a Google Chrome user might access a particular website with no difficulties, a Microsoft Edge user might encounter some hoops they have to jump through. This is because Microsoft Edge follows a model which doesn’t allow its users to make a lot of manual decisions when it comes to Flash.

Users are often complaining about not being able to access Flash content even though they have the service enabled. While there might be multiple reasons for which this is the situation, the most common one is this:

“Microsoft blocks Flash Player on a per-domain basis and forces users to allow Flash for each site they visit”

This was said by an Adobe Flash employee on Adobe’s forums, as a response to a user’s inquiry about this exact same problem. To sum it up, each website you visit with Edge will ask you if you’re OK with using Flash. Even if you say yes, individual websites might not have support for the pop-up implementation which confirms your decision. While it might seem like a Flash problem, it’s actually a problem that has to be taken up with whatever online platform is denying you Flash content.

Unfortunately, there’s not much of a solution in this situation. Since the problem lies pretty much entirely with whatever third party website you are trying to access, the only thing you could do is attempt to contact that website’s developers and try to sort things out on that front.

There’s no doubt about the fact that this is a massive inconvenience, but the nature of the Flash service right now is pretty iffy. While in the past most online entities would move as one towards adopting Flash, things aren’t so uniform now and everyone is scattering with different opinions on whether Flash should be a service they give attention to anymore.

Trying another browser

While it’s not a great solution, trying a different browser might fix the problem. It might just be that the particular website that’s giving you trouble has a problem of its own with Edge, and it’s not a universal failure to read the user accept on displaying Flash content. If accessing the Flash content on that platform is very important, it’s worth a try.

Currently, there is no information about either Flash or Microsoft being aware of this problem, or working towards finding a fix that would allow their users to easily access desired content while surfing the web. It remains to be seen if any official news appears in the near future.

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