Bill, Not Hillary, Greenlit Infamous “3 a.m. Ad”

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More evidence of what many suspected a Hillary presidency would bring with it: Bill Clinton 2.0.

This extremely revealing little factoid is buried in a story from Politico about the upcoming story from The Atlantic that details hundreds of memos that were leaked to reporter Joshua Green…

The famous 3 a.m. ad, written by Penn and approved by Clinton, almost didn’t run: “In the days leading up to Ohio and Texas, the campaign kept arguing over whether to air the [3 a.m.] ad. With the deadline looming, Bill Clinton, speaking from a cell phone as his plane sat on a runway, led a conference call on Thursday, Feb. 28, in which he had both sides present their case. As his plane was about to lift off, it was Bill Clinton — not Hillary — who issued the decisive order: ‘Let’s go with it.’”

This doesn’t surprise me in the least, but it certainly sends a chill down my spine. Because this ad was obviously going to be controversial and Hillary had to know it. So to have Bill make the final call instead of her speaks volumes as to how much power he actually had behind the scenes and how much she differed to him to make potentially campaign altering decisions.

In any event, I’m more convinced than ever that the Dems went with the right candidate.

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One Response to “Bill, Not Hillary, Greenlit Infamous “3 a.m. Ad””

  1. kranky kritter Says:


    …and we know this is true HOW exactly? And we find out about this AFTER the nomination fight has ended purely as a matter of coincidence, right?

    The spot was both 1. very effective(which was easily foreseeable) and 2.very controversial.

    #1 assures me that Hillary was involved in the decision and comfortable with it. No one with a brain is going to believe that Bill is the only one willing to play hard ball and that Hillary is Mary Poppins.

    #2 assures me that, now that Hillary has lost in 2008 and wants to plump her rep for 2012, she’s eager to get for Bill to be cast in the role of “bad cop.” In the time between now and when Hillary next runs, we’ll find that the majority of the mean and iffy decisions will be laid at Bill’s feet. Then, the next time Hillary runs, she’ll run as her own woman making her own decisions. I would not even be surprised if Hillary is contemplating a divorce or separation as part of the next story line. Either way, Bill gets to take the hits to burnish Hillary’s image. That’s how it works. If Bill doesn’t play ball, Hillary threatens to someday reveal details on the full extent of Bill’s infidelities and peculiar appetites.

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