GOP 527 Using William Ayers In New Ad

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ayers, Barack, McCain, Media

A new group calling themselves the American Issues Project is putting $2.8M behind the TV ad in Ohio and Michigan.

Ambinder shares some additional details…

The group calls itself “an organization representing a coalition of activists committed to raising conservative issues both during and after the election.” It includes longtime Republican activists like Ed Failor, Jr. of Iowa. Failor was a McCain adviser in the state.

And so it begins. The “do and say anything” crowd swings into action.

Expect it to get a lot nastier.

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4 Responses to “GOP 527 Using William Ayers In New Ad”

  1. gerryf Says:

    No doubt–the last person the GOP wants in a mud slinging contest is John McCain.

    McCain’s own scandals have been only lightly played upon so far, but there are skeletons in that there closet.

    I know his involvement with the Lincoln Savings & Loan was relatively minimal, but memories of short and there is plenty of spin there.

    The situation surrounding his divorce from his first wife was ugly, ugly, ugly.

    If you think the Swift Boat Veterans were bad news for Kerry, wait until the Vietnam Vets against McCain get rolling.

    Want guilt by associatiion? Ignore the McCain Bush connection that has been played up so far–the anti-immigrationists will stroke when they learn more about Juan Hernandez.

    Anyone struggling to pay a mortgage has Josh Green and Wayne Berman to scream about.

    People opposed to “business as usual in politics” have Jack Abramoff, Randy Scheunemann and Ralph Reed to look forward to.

    And don’t get me started on the most corrupt, evil bastard since Dick Cheney in the person of Phil Gramm, who single-handedly has done more to increase gas prices and hasten the financial mess based on the mortgatge crisis than anyone.

    Obama said he would run a respectful campaign, but it is clear that he is playing by the rule of “ÿou bloody my nose, I break your leg. Hit me hard, I hit you harder.”

    This is a battle McCain or his surrogates do not want to start.

  2. ExiledIndependent Says:

    I’m not sure, but I don’t think anyone in that McCain scandal list was a domestic terrorist. But let’s get real–between now and November, I’d be shocked if every single one of those wasn’t touched on at least once by MoveOn, etc.

  3. Jeff Says:


    I think its better to say that AIP is joining the action, since they are a 501(c)(4).

  4. Rich Says:

    WOW, gerry!!

    You spout a lot of name calling and opinion, but offer no hard specifics on anything.

    If that’s the best you’ve got, I say “Bring It On!!” It should be fun.

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