And The Award For “Gutsiest Potheads Ever” Goes To…

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Drugs

Over the years I’ve heard stories about people who’ve grown marijuana in their basement or their dorm room or even on land out in the middle of the country.

However, I have never heard about anybody growing it…in a mall?

MIAMI — The Drug Enforcement Administration discovered something unexpected in the Mall of the Americas.

DEA agents found a hydroponics lab with more than 200 marijuana plants, standing 3 to 6 feet tall in the air and worth millions of dollars, in a storage area on the second floor of the mall.

Authorities said the electricity that powered the lab was diverted from the mall’s main power supply.

By the way…200 plants? How do you not think somebody’s going to find that? Maybe a plant or two tucked in a closet could look like a fake plastic tree, but 200?!?

Still, on the “gutsy” scale, this one goes to 11.

(Note: the “Mall of the Americas” shouldn’t be confused with the “Mall of America” in Minnesota.)

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One Response to “And The Award For “Gutsiest Potheads Ever” Goes To…”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Note: the “Mall of the Americas” shouldn’t be confused with the “Mall of America” in Minnesota.

    With their convention coming up next week in that area, there has to be a GOP joke in there somewhere…

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