Gallup: Obama Maintains 8 Point Lead

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Biden, Democrats, Independents, McCain, Palin, Polls, Republicans

Obama probably won’t be able to hold this lead, but this number does include the day of Obama’s speech and the Palin announcement the next day.

Still, with the Repub convention next week, this is bound to swing back McCain’s way.

The details…

The current results are based on Aug. 27-29 interviewing, which includes two nights of polling during the convention and one post-convention night on Friday. The Friday interviewing was conducted in an unusual political environment — the first conducted fully after Obama’s well-regarded acceptance speech and McCain’s surprise announcement of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate.

Each event in isolation has usually been associated with increased candidate support for the relevant party. On this day — with strong partisan forces pushing the public in both directions — Obama still polled better than he had been prior to the convention, but not as well as he was polling on the individual nights of the convention.

More tomorrow…

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4 Responses to “Gallup: Obama Maintains 8 Point Lead”

  1. Avinash_Tyagi Says:

    Not with Hurricane Gustav bearing down on the Gulf coast, the last thing the GOP wants is for the public to remember Katrina and Bush

  2. Orlando Says:

    Did Obama have a speech or something?

    It was Palin 24/7 yesterday and now today.

    Obama looked defeated yesterday for the scant 15 seconds I saw yesterday.

  3. Orlando Says:

    Obama looked defeated yesterday for the scant 15 seconds I saw him yesterday.

    Did Obama have a speech?

    It was Palin 24/7 yesterday and now today.

  4. Tully Says:

    Point of grammar: To “maintain” a lead of an amount certain, one must first have it and then one must keep it for another iteration. 8% again tomorrow, and he’s “maintained” a lead. Single incident is not maintenance.

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