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“Everything is f**king spin.”
- John McCain talking about the Bush White House in Bob Woodward’s new book.

Now that is the type of stuff I wish I heard publicly from McCain. Because if he spoke out like this more often (maybe not as harshly) he’d probably lose some of the base, but how many independents would he attract? I think a solid majority of them.

Not only that, it would give all of us hope, Democrats and Independents and Republicans alike, that he wouldn’t be 4 more years of the Bush spin.

He has 2 more months to do it.

Will he be so bold?

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3 Responses to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Jim S Says:

    Justin, I think he’s way to busy spinning his pick of Palin and is going to stay that way.

  2. berlet98 Says:


    John McCain isn’t Ronald Reagan, which is the principal reason I don’t like the guy.

    He also may be a tad too old to begin the job as POTUS. As with family, I feel free to mention that and not be accused of age-ism since he’s not much older than I am.

    In addition, McCain had that “Keating Five” stink of twenty years ago in which he was a very minor player, along with four Democrats who played much larger roles in the Lincoln Savings and Loan mess which cost taxpayers $2,000,000,000. For a review of that scandal and McCain’s part, see http://www.azcentral.com/news/specials/mccain/articles/0301mccainbio-chapter7.html.

    I’m also not too crazy about McCain’s past social life. After his return from a 5 1/2 year incarceration and torture as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, he was a changed man, for obvious reasons. He returned to discover that his wife, Carol, was crippled and disfigured. He caroused, met and fell in love with Cindy, and he and Carol divorced amicably some years later. But the fact that Carol McCain can still say, “He’s a good guy,… ‘We are still good friends. He is the best man for president” says not only a great deal about her but about her former husband and father of their three children.

    For a one-sided account of that time in John McCain’s life, see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1024927/The-wife-John-McCain-callously-left-behind.html, a decidedly negative article in a decidedly liberal British newspaper. More relevant would be his recent expression of regret for that episode in his life.

    All that said and before I’m lambasted for mentioning what Democrats will dredge up over the next two months anyway, despite his many flaws, Senator John S. McCain is one of us. …
    (For the rest of this article, please see http://genelalor.com/)

  3. Gaucho Politico Says:

    No. he has shown that he does not have it in him to take control of the party. he is too weak in terms of internal power. That is why he could not tell his campaign handlers to go take a hike and pick someone he wanted. Picking lieberman or ridge would have been the type of bold move that captures the hearts and minds of people. He mortgaged a lot for this shot at the presidency and cant afford to take the risk of losing his only ground game in the evangelical base.

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