African-Americans 39% Of Early Voters In Georgia

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Georgia

I don’t think anybody believes Georgia is in play, but if the turnout is this high in a non-swing state, imagine what it’ll be in competitive locales.

From AJC:

A disproportionate number of Georgia’s 194,138 early voters are African-American, in what could be an encouraging sign for Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

As of Wednesday, about 39 percent of those voters — 74,961 — are African-Americans, Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel’s office said.

African-Americans make up 29 percent of registered voters in the state, according to Oct.1 figures. They cast 25 percent of the total votes cast in the presidential election four years ago.

The thing to take away from this is the idea that we really don’t know what the effect of Obama’s superior ground game will be this year. And given the extremely high turnout in Georgia, it could widen the margins by at least another percent or two in places like Missouri, Ohio, Florida and even Indiana.

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6 Responses to “African-Americans 39% Of Early Voters In Georgia”

  1. Dave Says:

    Come on Georgia!!!! The top dogs don’t think Georgia is in play ( meaning they don’t understand the true power of the people).

    If the youth and minorities show up to vote, this election will be turned on it’s head and we will see Georgia go to Obama!

    Every vote counts. Do it!

  2. mike mcEachran Says:

    Amen! People are predicting that this election is going to turn the electoral map on it’s head. Folks, I think we could be living a political evolution and reajustment not seen for generations. (I don’t want to over enthuse, but damn the possibilities…!) Go Georgia!!

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