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Need a woman’s point-of-view this election season? How about two? CitizenSugar provides readers with an entertaining look at breaking news, politics, and the most hotly debated issues.

Featuring summaries of the day’s headlines, profiles of newsmakers and the people behind their success, discussions of the issues that matter most to women, and a regular look at the intersection of Hollywood and the Hill, CitizenSugar provides readers with the Sugar Network’s unique mix of editorial and user-generated content. CitizenSugar is a conversation and conversation-starter, and we’re set to bring that conversation to Donklephant!

Two distinct voices lead the discussion on the site: Citizen and Liberty.

Citizen is a a true compassionate conservative with a major interest in humanitarian issues in Africa, India, and beyond. She’s a pragmatic conservative, small-town farm-girl-turned vegan, not afraid to shoot straight.

Liberty, a San Francisco native, defends the progressive principles she believes in, like tolerance, civil liberties, diplomacy, and government transparency.  Liberty also loves to compare how different cultures and countries address societal concerns, such as treatment of women.

Tomorrow night Citizen and Liberty will each tell you who they think won the final debate right here on Donklephant.

Stay tuned!

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