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Moto G5 Comes with Adobe Flash Player Issues


It seems that there are many iPhone fans who are now trying out Android devices. A user that has just ditched his iPhone in favor of a Moto G5 has mentioned that his device has some real issues when it comes to Adobe Flash content.

He mentioned that he needs Adobe Flash Player in order to run some applications and that he downloaded the Flash Player 11 to his device. As most of you already know, there are already a few years since Adobe Flash Player is not supported by Android OS.

The only way you can use Adobe Flash Player on your Android device is via the add-on that comes with the browser. This means that you can run flash content on websites, but you will never be able to do run it on an application inside your Android device.

This means that the applications that the new Moto G5 owner is trying to use are outdated and they are using the old Adobe Flash Player platform that was used in the past on Android OS. In other words, the user will need to wait for the applications to be updated or he be forced to try other applications that do the same thing and that are not using Adobe Flash Player.

If you’re new to Android devices, we suggest you to download and install applications that are available on the Google Play Store. Never download applications, tools or other things from third party sources, as there are high chances that you will get a malware, which can allow a hacker to get access to your personal data.

We also remind you that Adobe Flash Player will soon “die,” as there are already browsers that are blocking flash content by default (however you can manually allow the flash content to run).

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