The Entire Third Presidential Debate

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Debates, McCain, Video

If you didn’t watch it then, watch it now…

And that’s it. No more debates from here on out.

Next stop…November 4th!

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2 Responses to “The Entire Third Presidential Debate”

  1. German living in the UK Says:

    Thanks for linking this debate. I don’t live in the USA but am interested in the country’s politics (hence it dictates most of the world haha). Go Obama! I feel much closer to him now.

    And McCain … was he repeating what he had learnt by heart? Hope he and Palin are going to die before Nov 4. How can about 50% of the American people still even think about voting McCain/Palin! Incredible stupidity.

  2. Neil Says:

    I admit to viewing the debate through a lens, being for Obama from the start, but I am dismayed by the media build up for McCain and the belief that he has shown anything new or improved in the final debate. McCain repeated the same misrepresented facts while becoming flustered. If Obama seemed to repeat talking points it was only in response to McCain’s repeated accusations that have not changed since the first debate. If McCain continues to claim the same facts that have been fact checked and proven false since the first debate how can that become anything but a weaker message? And please, this alleged strong point made that “I am not George Bush”, the only thing meritorious there is replay value of a sound bite. So Obama isn’t Roosevelt, but his policies mark a change in the failed policies that have permeated for a quarter century, therefore his direction is similar to Roosevelt and should be acknowledged as a TRUE approach towards saving our economy. McCain supported neo-liberal economic policy and proposed Bush-like policies that will change nothing. “Maverick” may be filler language to cover McCain’s true republican colors, but this claim of not being Bush? It is widely understood that the majority of voters that are undecided (and the overall voting public for that matter) want to hear about policy positions, not obtuse comebacks about doppelgangers.

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