Early Voting Favoring Both Candidates

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TIME has the numbers.

In Nevada and North Carolina it favors Obama…

Cumulative early-vote totals in the Las Vegas area show ballots were cast by 31,875 Democrats and 13,371 Republicans through midday Monday. Republicans had the advantage in absentee balloting, 6,616 to 6,161 through noon Monday.

In the Reno area, a similar pattern occurred twice as many Democrats than Republicans voted early through noon Monday. [...]

Early voting opened Thursday and drew some 214,000 voters to the polls in the first two days, leading to hours-long lines in parts of the state and lengthy schedules for poll workers.

In the first few days, the balloting clearly favored Democrats, with those registered with the party making up 62 percent of those who had voted. Only 22 percent of the voters had been registered Republicans.

In Florida, McCain has a big jump…

Republicans have requested 295,000 absentee ballots statewide compared with 199,000 Democrats.

And in Georgia it’s anybody’s guess since they don’t keep track of party affiliation, although reports do have African American turnout at 39% of early voting. That’s up from 22% in 2004.

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One Response to “Early Voting Favoring Both Candidates”

  1. ExliledIndependent Says:

    And didn’t a Military Times poll favor McCain by almost 3-1? Why do members of the active military seem to overwhelmingly support McCain when Obama is promising to bring them home faster?

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