Primetime Obama

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So will you all be watching Barack Obama’s first Presidential address infomercial slated to hit all the major networks except ABC tonight? I suppose when you have as much money as the Obama campaign, a little 30 minute long, primetime ad is a pretty good way to saturate the market with your brand message.

My question is: how many people are really undecided? (Hey, don’t look at me, I’ll be posting some words about my own decision soon). And if you are undecided, is an infomercial really where you’re going to turn for unbiased, even-handed recommendations? I mean, when I’m putting together an effective workout regimen, I generally don’t turn to Ab Blaster commercials for suggestions.

I’m sure Obama will come off smooth, smart and Presidential. But unless he concedes that Bill Ayers has been staying in his guest room and secretly writing his speeches for the last two years, I can’t imagine anything Obama says will affect the outcome of the election.

Still, if you’ve got the money, why not? There’s nothing good on Wednesdays anyway.

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10 Responses to “Primetime Obama”

  1. stuperb Says:

    I posted about this today, too. I think it could go either way – it’s good to get the last word and showcase his family & talk about the economy, but the downside is that the super expensive media blast offers the GOP another opportunity to hammer on the public funding issue.

    I’m sure the ad itself will be classy and inspirational, but its very existence might irk election-fatigued voters or even come off a little arrogant.

    I’m with you, by the way, on this ‘undecided voter’ thing. It’s hard to believe that anyone is still on the fence, so it’s questionable whether this ad will have any benefit other than to rally people who already support Obama. (And it’s my opinion that if there *are* undecided voters out there, I suspect a lot of them will break to McCain.)

  2. Steve Says:

    “And if you are undecided, is an infomercial really where you’re going to turn for unbiased, even-handed recommendations?”

    Well, given the success of Ron Popeil and the ShamWOW!, it seems that a good portion of America is susceptible to sales pitches.

    I imagine that undecided voters are the same people who make me wait in line at fast food places because they didn’t read the menu until they were at the front of the line.

    These “low information” voters make me both sad and angry, but I guess Barry will get a few new votes out of it from those who currently feel that they don’t know him well enough despite the two years of public scrutiny he has received while running for President.

  3. Burt Says:

    Not watching. I’m just oversaturated and bored out of my mind with this election. I can’t watch one more commercial, sorry. Plus sincerely after I heard in the news how much Obama has spent in his campaign, especially with our economy and our trillions of dollars in deficit, there is no way that I’ll watch an infomercial that has cost 3 million dollars. It is obscene and unnecessary. For shame.

  4. Gaucho Politico Says:

    Nate did a post on undecided’s this morning.

  5. Annie Says:

    I think this is less about undecideds, and more about turnout.

  6. Donklephant » Blog Archive » More on Obama fund raising Says:

    [...] Campbell Brown of CNN reminds us why Obama can afford to thirty minutes of primetime on five networks: Embedded video from CNN [...]

  7. shawn Says:

    Although I’m sure Obama will get through all his usual talking points, 30 minutes is a significant amount of time, and hopefully he’ll use a good portion of it to just talk through his policies.

    Despite the fact that he provides tons of policy information on his website, there are still lots of people out there who rely totally on the TV for their political information. I just want him to lay out his plans and why he believes that they will work, just to make sure that everyone has heard them.

    While there are plenty of people on both sides that just want to hear more people from their side confirm their beliefs, I still think that there’s a sizeable portion of this country that would appreciate a candidate calmly explaining their positions. At this point Obama doesn’t need to convince anyone that he has the passion or charisma to lead the country. He’d be well served by being direct and informative.

  8. wj Says:

    Biggest impact from this: some people irritated that the start of tonight’s World Series game (continuation) will be pushed back half an hour. But since it is the resumption of a game already in progress, that shouldn’t result in too many people on the East Coast having to stay up past their bed time.

    But other than that, I doubt there will be much impact. Yeah, Obama could shoot himself in the foot big time. But he has managed to avoid doing so all year, so the McCain campaign shouldn’t get their hopes up too high for that. And anything else is not going to shift the outcome significantly.

  9. Booker Rising Says:

    Alan Stewart Carl on Primetime Obama…

    The moderate blogger writes: So will you all be watching Barack Obama?s first Presidential address / infomercial slated to hit all the major networks except ABC tonight? I suppose when you have as much money as the Obama campaign, a little 30 minute ….

  10. mike mcEachran Says:

    During the office scene I thought there must be guy of camera with a paint bucket saying, “Hurry up, I’ve got to paint the oval office before the real President gets here.” It was the only cringe worthy moment for me. The rest was pretty slick, and will go a long way toward assuaging fence sitters who want to vote for him, but are a little jittery in the voting booth.

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