McCain Camp Pushes Rashid Khalidi & J******h W****t

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, McCain, Video

The McCain campaign’s Michael Goldfarb goes on CNN and embarrasses himself by claiming Obama hangs around with anti-Semites. But when Rick Sanchez pushes him to name somebody else besides Khalidi, Goldfarb has to bite his tongue.


“We all know who we’re talking about here.” wink wink wink WRIGHT wink wink.

Good times…

From more on those who associate themselves with Rashid Khalidi, go here.

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6 Responses to “McCain Camp Pushes Rashid Khalidi & J******h W****t”

  1. Polimom Says:

    Okay. I’m feeling slow tonight or something. Who is it that “we all know who we’re talking about here”?

    Or is he just being an ass?

  2. Polimom Says:

    OFGS. I’m clearly obtuse to the point of incoherence. Can’t read, even. (musta been all those asterisks… LOL)

    But He-With-The-Asterisks-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is anti-Semitic? Really?

  3. Mike Licht Says:

    McCain Funds PLO?


  4. blackoutyears Says:

    Is it me, or did Goldfarb look like he just rolled in from a fraternity pledge event? What kind of surrogate is this to rep McCain days before an election?! Not. Helping.

  5. RPC Says:

    I am totally missing the boat on this one. If the other anti-semite Obama hangs out with is Jaramiah Wright, why doesn’t Goldfarb just come out and say it? The McCain camp sure hasn’t been shy about naming every other nefarious character Obama walked by on the street.

  6. Van Mclaude Says:

    Yes RPC, why doesn’t Goldfarb just come out and say it?
    What do you think Justin?

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