Gallup: Obama Up By 11, 9, 8

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All good movement today for Obama, and I can’t help but think this is linked to his infomerical on Wednesday.

The biggest news here I think is that Obama is up by 8 in Gallup’s traditional model, with Obama hitting his high of 51% and McCain hitting his low of 43%. That’s extremely bad news for McCain.

What’s more, Obama is above 50% in every model, so the likelihood of McCain turning it around at this point is quickly becoming nonexistent.

Registered Voters: Obama +11

Likely Voters (Expanded Model): Obama +9

Likely Voters (Traditional Model): Obama +8

Gallup talks about the infomercial…

Since Tuesday, McCain’s support among traditional likely voters has dropped by four points (from 47% to 43%), Obama’s has risen by two points (from 49% to 51%), and the percentage of undecided voters has increased from 4% to 6%.

Thursday night’s interviews are the first conducted entirely after Obama’s widely viewed 30-minute prime-time campaign ad, which ran on several television networks Wednesday evening. Obama held a substantial lead over McCain in last night’s polling, however no greater than what Gallup found on Wednesday.

Obama’s lead among expanded likely voters is only slightly greater than that seen among traditional likely voters. He now leads McCain by nine-points, 52% to 43%, using this looser definition that does not factor in whether respondents have voted in past elections, but strictly relies on their reported level of interest and intention to vote in the 2008 election.

More tomorrow…

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