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Some last minute math that makes it seem like a complete lost cause for McCain. Because if 30% have voted early and those voters are going for Obama by 19%, then McCain is going to have to win the remaining voters by 10% if he wants to make up the difference.

That’s simply not going to happen.

Here’s more from the Todd…

BTW, South Carolina? Did Todd actually tell us to keep an eye on South Carolina?

Gee, sounds familiar…

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One Response to “The Daily Todd”

  1. Mary Hoban Says:

    Chuck Todd has done an incredibly good job thru out this election campaign. While I’ve missed Tim Russert incredibly, Chuck has made sticking with NBC&MSNBC the thing to do. Now that we are just about at the end of this cycle and time to put someone permanently into the Meet the Press chair, I nominate Chuck Todd!!

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