Obama is Elected President.

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So, it really is over.

John McCain has conceded. Barack Obama is currently giving his victory speech. We have some new blue states and, in a few months, we’ll inaugurate a new president.

The night has gone just about like the polls suggested it would. So I guess that data wasn’t so bad after all, although it looks unlikely that Obama will win by more than 5% of the popular vote.

What a night. Let’s hope Obama lives up to the promise.

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7 Responses to “Obama is Elected President.”

  1. BBQ Says:

    So according to the ASC “The Language of Victory and Defeat” it will be a Statement.

  2. Agnostick Says:


    “New blue states?” Really?

    Last I checked, we still had the same 50 states we had @ 50 years ago.

    Last I checked, they were all “red, white and blue.”

    Time for a new view.

  3. michael reynolds Says:

    So what do the latest polls show? There are new polls coming, right?

  4. Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    Agnostick: Dude, really? For four years I’ve been blogging as a centrist and arguing against the whole blue/red divide. Do you think maybe I was just making an offhand remark that Obama won more states than Dems had in awhille?

  5. BenG Says:


    That’s it? Your not really into the ‘big ideas’ thing right now, eh? Well, you guys must be very tired, you’ve done a courageous, tireless job this cycle keeping things interesting, going beyond the spin.

    So, he conceded, he won, polls were ok, whoopie frickin do, lets hope bla, bla, bla…GO TO SLEEP!!! We’ll talk later.

    Oh, and as for HOPE; let’s hope all the worthless, last generation, partisan politicians will now get on that ship and gracefully sail out to sea where they’ll do us no further harm so we can get on with showing the rest of the world and ourselves why we’re still the best hope on the planet.

    Btw, I do agree that it’s a shame more moderate Repubs. were thrown overboard, but that’s the price you pay when you play this kind of partisan ‘say anything to win’ politics.

  6. Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    Ben: Oh, this isn’t it. But, yeah, I was beat by the end of the night and thought I’d sleep for awhile before launching into the more serious look at the election and our new president.

  7. mike mcEachran Says:

    Last night I raised a glass of champagne to our new president. This morning I raise a glass of OJ to all of the Donklephant contributors. This has been an unprecedented election cycle, and you have made the experience even more exciting, instructive, challenging, and fulfilling. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I am a better citizen and a better voter because of your efforts.

    Well done! Cheers!!

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