Romney 2012?

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Tucker Carlson is convinced he’s already running.

So am I.

Here’s more…

Romney dropped out of the presidential race in February, but he never went away. He quickly became a regular guest on cable news, started a political action committee (which, according to National Review, has already given away more than $200,000 in donations), and this fall began stumping in earnest for various Republican candidates, including John McCain.

In the past four days, Romney has hit nearly a dozen states on behalf of the McCain campaign, but really on his own behalf. This is what groundwork looks like when it’s being laid.

It’s the oldest cliche in politics that the next campaign starts the day after the election, and this year that is especially true on the Republican side. Republicans hate chaos and uncertainty, but after eight years of an unpopular administration,they no longer have the luxury of an orderly succession. As one Republican consultant said to me the other day, come Wednesday morning the party will resemble post-Soviet Afghanistan: “Everybody’s going to declare themselves warlord.”

Still, Carlson thinks Romney will have to wrestle the nomination away from Palin…

At this point, Sarah Palin would seem to have the most powerful arsenal. While Democrats tend to revile their losing candidates, Republicans revere theirs. Losing to Obama and Biden won’t destroy Palin’s reputation within the party. It might enhance it. Palin also has the advantage of being world famous, she’s admired by party activists, and she can draw huge crowds. And unlike Romney, she’ll never be accused of being a phony.

Authenticity was always Romney’s biggest problem. Being a Mormon hurt him with evangelicals, especially in the South. But what sunk Romney was the suspicion that he was playing a part. A self-described free market conservative, as governor of Massachusetts he instituted health care reforms that look very much like what Obama is proposing now. (Anyone who supports Obama’s heath care plan ought to take a look at how Romney’s program is working out. Not well.)

Sure, I think Romney comes off as a phony, but Palin is radioactive at this point and I don’t see her having much of a shot at all in 2012. I know, very presumptive of me, but I still think the economy will be the big issue in 4 years and Romney owns that one. Palin doesn’t have anything but her charm, and even that’s worn thin with a majority of the electorate.

What’s more, if Romney starts running now his persona will start to seem more genuine to the Republican faithful and then he’s off to the races. Sure, Huckabee will still be a formidable opponent, but Huck just can’t swing the moderates his way. However, imagine Huckabee as Mitt’s VP nominee. He’ll have sewn up the base right there.

We shall see…

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24 Responses to “Romney 2012?”

  1. Romney 2012 | party x tutti Says:

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  2. section9 Says:


    Palin is far and away a better candidate than Romney. And, I should add, she has two years to remake herself into a governing center-right moderate in the mold of Nixon.

    Romney lost to McCain, a dead man, because Republicans knew that he was a store mannequin and a phony whose only asset was his money and his connection to K-Street and the AssClown RNC.

    Please, back to the drawing board on this one.

  3. JIM WHITTAKER, Hemet, CA Says:

    We don’t elect game show hosts as President in this country.

  4. David Robinson Says:

    What saddens me is that we would not be seeing the blowout we are now experiencing if Romney, an articulate conservative with sterling economic credentials, were the nominee instead of the ever-lurching McCain. I’m not saying Romney would have beat Obama — but he would have been far more competititive and would have at least had a fighting chance. And, the “meltdown” would have actually boosted his chances, not destroyed them. If he runs in 1012, I will work hard to elect him. Palin, I’m afraid, is part of what sank the McCain candidacy. The more people saw of her, the less impressed they were.

  5. spinchange Says:

    Romney is definitely thinking about 2012. He telegraphed it from the moment he withdrew.

  6. Sam Meyerson Says:

    I hope that the Republican party recognizes that its future lies with Mitt Romney rather than Sarah Palin. Romney has demonstrated exceptional competence in finance, and he succeeded as a Republican governor of a very liberal state, which proves that he can “reach across the aisle” for the common good. Palin is intellectually an empty suit, and her main contribution to the campaign thus far has been to reignite a culture war. After her well-delivered speech at the RNC (written by Matthew Scully), she went on to demonstrate in a series of embarrassing interviews why she hasn’t the intellect or experience to hold national office. She has since been an anchor on the McCain campaign.

    Imagine the response of the millions of swing voters if, during last month’s financial panic, McCain had had Mitt Romney at his side rather than Sarah Palin.

  7. Wendy Says:

    First things first: Figure out what you believe in before you start looking at candidates. You may think you already do, but you do not. You will have to decide which is more important: A free economy or saving fertilized eggs. You cannot have both. One involves the introduction of government force, and the other involves revoking it. The two are irreconcilable, and this contradiction has allowed statist precedents to take over the conservative movement. Until this contradiction is resolved, expect more of the same: Electoral losses, ideological and political impotence.

  8. Nathan Says:

    Yeah, there is no way that Palin will be anywhere near 2012. She hurt McCain. I believe that conservative voters came to regard her a politically expedient choice, and that hurt McCain’s maverickishness.

    I liked Romney. He had the best experience of anyone in the election. Unfortunately, he probably could have done himself a bigger favor by cracking a smile/joke on Leno than he did by graduating Harvard with honors and JD/MBA and starting Bain Capital. I don’t know what that says about the state of our republic but it can’t be good.

    I’ll support Romney if he runs in 2012. He’s kind of a lousy candidate, but he’d be one hell of a good president.

  9. Pajamas Media » America Votes: First Ballots Are Cast, Obama Win Predicted Says:

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  10. Andrew Says:

    I think Palin could do well in 2012, but I see a different Reagan man coming out of the GOP. Gov. Daniels of Indiana was Reagan’s chief policy guy and has really turned Indiana around ecomonically. Daniels should win in a landslide today and I think in 4 years he will make a presidential bid. “My Man Mitch” is a catchy slogan and this election has proved a slogan and marketing can win it all.

  11. mike mcEachran Says:

    Contributing to a big loss has a funny way of derailing a career. She represents the part of the GOP that is withering on the vine. She’s toast. We’ll see her as a pundit on FOX for a while, but they’ll dump her soon. Even FOX won’t be able to listen to THAT for very long.

  12. Tim Says:

    Romney/Huck is far better than anything with Palin on it. Romney has the moderate economic sense and just plain intelligence. Huck has the same appeal as Palin without the inept stupidity.

    Face it, Palin is an idiot and a disaster.

  13. Tom Says:

    If the Republicans are serious about returning trust and integrity to their brand, Mitt Romney should be their LAST choice.

  14. myth buster Says:

    Romney ain’t the only one who gave an “I’ll be back,” concession speech. Huckabee did the same, lasted longer in the Primaries, and came away with more delegates. Romney may run again, but he won’t be the nominee because he’s a loser. He came in third despite spending 2-3 times what both his rivals spent combined. He finished lower than a man who spent a tenth of what he spent in the campaign, campaigned for a month longer, and on top of that, Romney never won a state that Huckabee was competitive in. Palin will be back one day, and she will be elected President, but it won’t be in 2012 if McCain loses.

  15. armageddon Says:

    I lived under Marxism for quite a while and I recognize it in a very intimate way, I am afraid if Obama is elected you will not see free elections in 2012 if any at all.

  16. David Says:

    Huckabee is emerging as the new leader of the conservative movement. Now that the primaries are over, people are giving him a second look apart from the ridiculous scrutiny he faced because of his Christianity and supposed populism. Huckabee is the real maverick – he has been ceaselessly campaigning for McCain, but has also constantly has rebuked the GOP for some of their unfair, baseless attacks on Obama. Huckabee opposed the bailout, revealing his fiscal conservatism. Huckabee will have a better chance than Romney in 2012, and he deserves it.

  17. gojindal Says:

    The best bet would be louisiana governer Bobby Jindal, a true conservative with proven legistlative and executive experience

  18. Rex Hump Says:

    At every step of the way, McCain seems at no time willing to win this election. If he had picked Mitt Romney there might have been a fight, however McCain pandered to the Evangelical vote by picking Palin. The Evangelical Voter base are not as large as they appear to be, if it was then Huckabee would’ve won the GOP nomination. The Evangelical base killed the chances of Romney being the nominee and VP as well. Thanks to the Evangelicals we have Obama and they can go cry to their Hockey Momma.

    Obama will be a Carter of his time and Mitt will be the Reagan of 2012.

  19. Rob Says:

    A lot of Republicans keep slamming Palin. For a quick reality check, she was the BEST thing that could’ve happened to the “lifeless” McCain campaign as compared to Obama (being an African-American). I like Rommney, and wished McCain chose him, but lets face it, the campaign would have still remained lifeless, with not as much enthusiasm as the Obama’s camp. McCain needed a spark to counter Obama’s popularity and he got it with Palin.

  20. Donklephant » Blog Archive » The Race Begins For 2012 Says:

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  21. chris Says:

    Are you people nuts?! Palin a better candidate than Romney? Now THAT’s funny. Name one way or issue or quality that Palin has over Romney. Get real people. It’s people like you that voted for McCain over Romney in the primaries, or worse yet voted for Huckabee.

  22. AC Says:

    chris Says: “Are you people nuts?! Palin a better candidate than Romney? Now THAT’s funny. Name one way or issue or quality that Palin has over Romney.”


  23. Shawn Says:

    Romney is the only man that can mend the wound that Mike Huckabee single handedly blew to the GOP. To think that Mike Huckabee, a guy that entered in the ring late for 2008 and knew from the begaining that he would split the conservitive vote, would be our man for 2012 is obsured and equally appoling! Also Palin is a nice chick but just doesnt know enough about foreign policy and frankly doesn’t have what itt takes to run the country. Mitt is our guy!!!!!!

  24. Mike Says:

    Mitt is our Man! More now then ever!

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