Chris Matthews Running For Senate? HA!

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Pennsylvania

Actually, I’m not laughing at this…just giving Matthews some grief for that signature, guttural laugh of his.

From FiveThirtyEight…

Chris Matthews, it appears, is in.

FiveThirtyEight has been hearing for some time that Matthews is serious about running for the United States Senate, but it took a trip to Georgia among the Georgia-runoff-congregated and well-connected Obama organizer throng to confirm.

According to multiple sources, who confirmed the Tip O’Neill staffer-cum-MSNBC host has negotiated with veteran Obama staffers to enlist in his campaign, Chris Matthews is likely to run for United States Senate in Pennsylvania in 2010. Matthews, 62, would run as a Democrat. Arlen Specter, the aging Republican incumbent, will be 80 if he chooses to run for re-election.

I think he could make a serious run for Arlen Specter’s seat (if Specter decides to run), and it makes sense that he’d want to get out of the media and try to join Obama to help unify the country again.

Preliminary poll numbers don’t look so hot for Matthews, but that could all change if Chris gets serious and starts using his show to push the platform he’d run on.

One other issue that should send a shiver up Matthews’ leg, getting the Democratic nomination won’t be a cake walk. Washington Monthly points out that three separate Dems (Reps. Allyson Schwartz and Joe Sestak, and state Rep. Josh Shapiro) are interested in the seat and the field may grow.

However, let’s say Matthews gets the nomination…doesn’t this introduce an odd problem for the Republican challenger? Because how much will Matthews use Hardball to push his message before, during and after his announcement to run? And will Republicans cry foul even after all of their chatter against the Fairness Doctrine?

More as it develops…

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  1. The Heretik : Ha! Says:

    [...] A Senate seat in 2010? The biggest thing running against Chris Matthews?  Chris Matthews.  And his mouth. Ha! [...]

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