Caroline Kennedy Has Failed To Vote About Half The Time

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Caroline Kennedy, seeking appointment to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, has a spotty voting record. From

According to city Board of Elections records, she missed Democratic mayoral primaries in 1989, 1993, 1997, and 2005.

She also missed the 2002 gubernatorial primary and general election, when Democrat H. Carl McCall lost to Republican incumbent George Pataki.

She skipped the 1994 general election, when Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan was running for reelection for the same seat she hopes to take over if Clinton is confirmed as secretary of state.

The Daily News investigated a bit further:

Most of the time, she voted, aides said. A review by The News found that of the 38 contested elections since 1988, Kennedy skipped about half, almost all of them primaries.

Her spokesman Stefan Friedman tried to put it in a positive light.

Caroline Kennedy recognizes just how important it is to vote and has a very strong record of going to the polls,” spokesman Stefan Friedman said. “She has not voted on a handful of occasions over the last two decades.”

Half is a big handfull. Nevertheless, the daughter of a President and member of one of the most political families in the country should rarely miss a poll date. It raises some questions about her commitment to the electoral process.

At one time in the 1980’s she was not even on the voting rolls. Earlier in the decade, she was registered in Massachusetts, and then moved to New York.

She later switched her voting address to her mother’s old apartment on Fifth Ave., but apparently fell off the rolls completely sometime in the 1980s.

When she went to reregister in 1988 at her new Park Ave. home, she filled in “1984?”, when asked the year she had last registered.

That type of long-term apathy is hard to explain away.


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2 Responses to “Caroline Kennedy Has Failed To Vote About Half The Time”

  1. John Burke Says:

    Making this offcie grab an even bigger joke is this: I saw Kerry Kennedy, Caroline’s cousin who was married to Andrew Cuomo until she ran off with a polo player, on Chris Matthews the other night. Chris asked her what Caroline’s positions were on such matters as abortion rights. Kerry said she didn’t know. Pressed, she said she hadn’t talked to Caroline about it — ever.

    Big joke.

  2. Stopdrugwar Says:

    So she hasn’t been voting in primaries, good for her. Primaries are government subsidies of repugnant and demigods. They should be replaced with primaries paid for by the parties and general elections using Instant Runoff Voting.

    Good for Caroline for not being a partisan hack.

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