Ron Paul On Rush Limbaugh

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Partisan Hacks, Republicans, Ron Paul, Video

“I think it’s pretty sad.”

That’s Paul’s response to the idea that Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the Republican party.

So will Paul run for President again in 2012? He says he doesn’t think so, but it’s kind of a non-answer at this point.

We shall see…

(h/t: Below The Beltway)

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7 Responses to “Ron Paul On Rush Limbaugh”

  1. Upton Says:

    Ron Paul is an interesting fellow, in a position to capitalize in 2012 if Obama can be made to be seen as failing. If Obama is framed as “big government,” and if that is seen as a failure, Ron Paul may be the most convincing candidate for the Republicans in 2012, he wouldn’t even need to run on an independent ticket.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Republicans move over the next year or two to see if they really have a de facto leader.

  2. Mario Piperni Says:

    If one is a conservative, I imagine it must be depressing to watch the current version of the republican party chase its tail in search of itself.

    From a liberal perspective, it’s all quite amusing.

  3. gerryf Says:

    counting down to Paul apology…10,9,8,7,6….

    (actually, I think Paul is the one guy who will not apologize, I just could not resist–good for him)…

  4. John Milligan Says:

    If the best the Repubs can do in 2012 is Ron Paul or Sarah Palin, then the Dems are in better shape than I thought even if the economy still is clunking along on the bottom then. Obama and the Dems would love to see him in there. The Repubs need to stand for something half-way plausible/implementable (move to the Center) or they are toast.

  5. J. Harden Says:

    If Obama is framed as “big government,”

    You mean like how the Pope is framed a Catholic or how bears are framed to crap in the woods.

  6. rich Says:

    Fiat money and a collapsing dollar
    Endless wars (Obama loves them too)
    Massive foreign aid
    More banker bailouts

    Yes, sir,
    Lets order more band-aids for them cancer sores…
    The root cause of the problem be damned….

  7. Upton Says:

    J. Harden: ha! I love your comment!

    what I mean, I guess, is if Obama as big government is a salient issue in the campaign, which is more likely if we see the economy not turning around.

    If Obama is seen as having helped “fix the problem” with big government, the Ron Paul critique would be like Liberace at the playboy mansion…

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