Political Action Committee Formed For Jindal

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Jindal

Naw, he’s not running for President.

No, not at all.

From The Times-Picayune:

A group of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s political supporters, including an uncle of the governor’s wife, Supriya Jindal, are forming a federal political action committee to support a presidential run by the 38-year-old Republican.

The governor is aware of the operations of Jindal For President Draft Council Inc., but is not directly involved, according to organizers Rama Mohanty, a Southern University professor, and Dan Kyle, a former legislative auditor and failed GOP candidate in several bids for office.

“They are supportive of what we are doing,” Mohanty said of the Jindal team.

But, as mentioned in the article, I think Jindal has his eye more on 2016 than 2012. The field is too crowded in 2012 and he’s simply too young. Best to let Romney, Palin and Huckabee fight it out and then position yourself as the conservative Obama once Obama is out of office.

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9 Responses to “Political Action Committee Formed For Jindal”

  1. Tully Says:

    He’s following the Boy Scout motto. :-)

  2. ExiledIndependent Says:

    Wait, too *young?* You’re not saying that experience counts, are you Justin? If Bobby J can provide hope that we can all believe in, experience doesn’t matter. And let’s all remember that Obama declared that he had no presidential intentions as well.

  3. the Word Says:

    Bobby Jindal is no Obama. Barney Fife, perhaps but no Obama.

  4. Jim S Says:

    Does he really think that we’ll elect an Exorcist-in-Chief?

  5. Tillyosu Says:

    Why not? We elected a Racist-in-Chief.

  6. Justin Gardner Says:

    Okay Tillyosu, you’re gone. Don’t bother commenting here anymore because I’m banning your IP.

  7. the Word Says:


    Hadn’t read about the exorcism but it appears there is yet another religious crazy at the top of the dung heap of the right. Thoughtful people need to just say no to these people and recover their party.

  8. Tillyosu Says:

    Hang on Justin, let me get this straight:

    Calling Bobby Jindal Exorcist-in-Chief – Okay.

    Calling Barack Obama Racist-in-Chief – Not Acceptable.

    What a bipartisan, moderate blog. Obviously you’re just a shill for the left in moderate clothing.

  9. the Word Says:


    I guess the difference is that Jindal said he was part of an exorcism and only an idiot or someone with no balance whatsoever would call Obama a racist.

    Does the Republican party have anyone without nutty religious beliefs?

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