Jon Stewart On Obama’s Lack Of Transparency

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Comedy, Obama, Transparency, Video

Contrary to popular belief, Stewart takes it to both sides…

I’ve said it before that I think all of these moves are a big mistake, but that’s what happens when you overpromise and underdeliver. You end up looking like you’ve broken promises…which you have.


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8 Responses to “Jon Stewart On Obama’s Lack Of Transparency”

  1. Jason Arvak Says:

    Hm. I don’t think that criticizing the Bush administration for not being liberal and then criticizing the Obama administration only for not being liberal ENOUGH really counts as “giving it to both sides”, especially when half the piece is just recycling old Dick Cheney material.

  2. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    My guess is that after Obama was briefed by the CIA and other intelligence agencies when he became President, he began to realize that this whole being commander-in-chief thing was a bit more complicated than he thought it would be.

    Now President Obama is looking to sign an executive order authorizing the indefinite detention of terror suspects without trial. Does Obama owe an apology to his voters, or ever to President Bush?

  3. Tully Says:

    Lack of transparency just increased some more.

    The “Sunlight Before Signing” pledge has been pretty much ignored. It was broken with the first bill Obama signed. And the promise to loosen FOIA rules has likewise been ignored. And who are the “powers that be” that stomped flat Conyer’s promised investigation of ACORN? What leverage did they use? What about the (apparently illegal) IG firings and forced resignations? The dropping of the poll-thuggery charges against the club-weilding Black Panthers in Philly? And let’s not forget the Potemkin Press events.

    Standard fare: Demonize the incumbent for doing certain things, then get into office and do them yourself. Or demonize the incumbent for doing things they didn’t actually do, then get into office and do them yourself.

    “The most transparent administration in history.”

  4. Fletch Says:


    The “Sunlight Before Signing” pledge has been pretty much ignored. It was broken with the first bill Obama signed.

    How about Waxman-Markey getting a three hundred page amendment at 3 AM- and passing in the House on the same day?

    Yes we can!

  5. Tully Says:

    Fletch, much as I hate not to add it to the list, the Sunlight B4 Signing pledge doesn’t kick in until it clears Senate and reconciliation. And I strongly suspect it won’t clear the Senate.

  6. Fletch Says:


    And I strongly suspect it won’t clear the Senate.

    I am less optimistic than you…It won’t “clear” in present form, but we will have a Federal “climate program”- resulting in a decline in America’s GDP.

    For every molecule of CO2 that the US doesn’t emit– China will emit an extra 2, and India will emit 1.5- and they will thank us for trashing our own economy.

  7. Jim S Says:

    Completely Off-topic


    I can’t find your e-mail. Do you still follow KDL? If you see this and still have my e-mail drop me a note. Or do you already know the news from this morning?

  8. Jon Stewart on Obama’s lack of transparency | Says:

    [...] Donklephant. June 29, 2009, 3:00 pm | Category: Misc. National Politics | Tags: Barack [...]

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