Meet The Press For 6/28/09

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I haven’t done this for a couple Sundays, but David Axelrod is back to try and do some damage control on the economy and Iran.

Also, Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham talk about Mark Sanford and the future of the GOP.

Hello 2012.

What did you think?

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One Response to “Meet The Press For 6/28/09”

  1. Cory Says:

    I agree that if Repubs are going to say what we can’t do, they need to come up with a viable solution of what we can otherwise there is nothing constructive about their criticism. Also, there is a growing divide on agreement between the GOP. This could hinder action in Congress or just add more support for the Democrats votes. Though there is less support for extremist conservative views I don’t on the other hand see the GOP becoming obsolete, but basic values may be more moderate as old-fashioned opinion goes the wayside.

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