Ensign And Sanford Won’t Resign, And…

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Nevada, Republicans, South Carolina

Sanford I have fewer problems with not resigning, although I think he should save South Carolina the embarrassment. His attention is clearly divided at this point and he let down the voters by abandoning his post.

But Ensign fired his mistress’ husband from his staff and then continued to pursue her after the fact. Not only that, his parents bribed her to the tune of $96K.

I mean, come on…

But here’s the kicker…he’s going to run for reelection!

From Las Vegas Sun:

When asked Monday whether he had any thoughts about stepping down, Ensign said his supporters are sending one message: “They say, ‘Don’t.’ ”

“I fully plan on running for reelection,” Ensign said late Monday evening. “I’m going to work to earn their respect back.”

The two-term Republican senator was back on offense Monday, saying his support is coming from his fellow senators as well as those “on both sides” of Senate leadership.

Ensign said his supporters are telling him, “Keep your head up. This thing will pass.”

This is standard boilerplate when controversy pops up, so there’s no reason we should believe that Ensign is getting this advice from anybody but true believers. Still, if he runs in 2012 and wins? Well, I would be shocked.

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5 Responses to “Ensign And Sanford Won’t Resign, And…”

  1. gerryf Says:

    Why should he resign! A senator’s private life should have no impact on his ability to lead!

    It’s not like Ensign said that Larry Craig should resign after his bathroom stall encounter.

    Or that Bill Clinton should resign becuase his affair was such an “embarassing moment for the country” or that such affairs are a “sad moment” for the American people, or that people who engage in such activity have “no credibility left.”

    Or that elected leaders need to “hold themselves to a little higher standard.”

    Or that he is a member of The Promise Keepers, who promise “to be committed to practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity” or to build “strong marriages and families through love, protection and biblical values.”

    Oh, he said all those things?


  2. Tully Says:

    Bribed with gifts, or were blackmailed into paying? MY take on Ensign’s revealing of the incidents in the first place was that they were putting the old blackmail squeeze on him, and short of taking it public that would never stop. This would support that theory — they already got money, and new jobs out of Ensign via referrals, and then came back for more. But the gravy train failed to stop again — instead Ensign went public to stop the blackmailing. Doesn’t excuse Ensign’s actions, of course. Other than the going-public thing.

    Formal reprimand for Sanford? Sounds about right. It’s not like he committed perjury or anything. ;-)

  3. Paul Says:

    If either of these two men cared at all about the ones they have hurt they would resign. However,at least we know what type of people Sanford and Ensign really are now !!

  4. Chris Says:

    It’s not really having to do with their private lives, it has to do with the level of hypocrisy they offer the republican party and the people they serve.

  5. Trescml Says:

    The only way that Ensign unless polling showed him it was hopeless. The power of a Senate seat is something that is not easy to give up and since Ensign may not have a post Senate plan for his life yet (higher office being off the table) he doesn’t want to leave. He reaks of hypocrisy? A good part of the Senate is the same way in one way or another. If you want to get rid of him, then you have to find a candidate that can appeal to enough of his voter to win. He will have a core that will vote for him no matter what. This is how Michelle Bachman get re-elected. I hope he get defeated, but the fact that he want to keep his office and run again shouldn’t be a surprise.

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