The Hankster: Where the independents are 8/10/09

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in Independents, New York City, News, Politics
Coverage of independent voters and health care reform from a more progressive viewpoint:
  • Wisconsin: Health Care Vital Issue (By Cecily Wu, CQ Politics) Thus, enactment of health care legislation that can draw solid public support could enable Kagen to maintain the backing of independent voters, who Scattergood said comprise upwards of 20 percent of the 8th District electorate.
  • What’s Bad for the GOP Is Good for Fox News (By John Cook, Gawker) But while cable news is niche, politics is mass. The chart above shows GOP party approval in as reported by New York Times/CBS in national polls going back to 2006 and Fox News’ total primetime audience, in millions, over the same time period. Fox News can and does thrive with a primetime audience of 2.5 million, many of which are the aforementioned zealots. The Republican Party needs more than that to function electorally. And the aforementioned angry zealotry that’s in vogue on Fox News is distasteful to the independent voters that the GOP needs to court.
What’s the LP’s problem with an “open primary”???
Mike Bloomberg is running for Mayor of NYC as an independent on Column C, the Independence Party line. This is potentially a very significant development for the independent movement nationally, and of major importance to mayoral control of schools and progress in education. Stay tuned!

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One Response to “The Hankster: Where the independents are 8/10/09”

  1. Bob Conroy Says:

    The growing independent movement is working to open up the process and make elections more competitive, so the the San Francisco Libertarians article you posted shows that they really don’t want to compete against the two major parties and they use technicalities to hurt the passage of an important election reform, “Open Primaries”. Keep up the good work Nancy.

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