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Andrew Breitbart: Stepping Over The Line

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All of the above are tweets from Andrew Breitbart’s Twitter feed. Here’s the deal: you don’t speak ill of the dead, especially when the body is still warm. Now, before any of the conservatives in the audience get all pissy with me, you should know that I did not always agree with Ted Kennedy (and […]

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News Headlines for Independent Voters 8/27/09

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Independent Voters Independents are playing a key role in the debate on health care. Centrist commentator John Avlon says indies are social liberals/fiscal conservatives; James A. Morone, seeming to speak for the Demo-(We-Are-Not-Socialists)-Crats says indies are moderate, fence-sitting, frightened and don’t vote in midterm elections… Independent strategist and public philosopher Fred Newman, PhD says “the […]

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To Dream The (Im)Possible Health Care Reform Dream

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Justin Gardner (Donk Quixote) and Mike Wallach (Phanto), endeavor to tilt at windmills (With apologies to Miguel de Cervantes). Justin is a registered Democrat, considers himself an independent but views the world from the left side of the political spectrum. Mike most recently registered as a Republican, but considers himself primarily a fiscal conservative, deficit hawk, and a libertarian leaning independent. They find common ground in the Health Care Reform debate.

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Kennedy Brothers Documentary Airing Tonight At 9PM EST On MSNBC

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Just got word from the net that they bumped it up given Teddy’s death last night. If you want to see a preview, click here. Tweet

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News Headlines for Independent Voters 8/26/09

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Hello everyone! After a vacation in the Heartland, here are some highlights of news for independent voters from the past week or so: Independent Voters Who’s Got the Power? Progressives find themselves outmaneuvered on healthcare reform. (By David Moberg, In These Times) More importantly, longer-term possibilities have been created by the failure of the Bush […]

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Edward Kennedy, 1932 – 2009

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I know that Justin already posted about this, but I wanted to add my two coppers. I didn’t always agree with Senator Kennedy — both in politics, and in personality — but I have a respect for the man and what he accomplished in his many years in public service. Politico: His career spanned almost […]

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Republicans’ Reconciliation Fears Debunked

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Listen, I truly hope that the Dems don’t use the reconciliation process to try and get the health care reform bill passed. Why? Well, it seems if they took this path they’d have to break up the legislation in two pieces, the budget portion and the insurance reform portion. The budget they could do via […]

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Ted Kennedy Has Passed

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The brain cancer finally caught up with him at age 77. Some more from ABC: Kennedy was first elected to the Senate in 1962, at the age of 30, and his tenure there would span four decades. A hardworking, well-liked politician who became the standard-bearer of his brothers’ liberal causes, his career was clouded by […]

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Preview Of Documentary Of Kennedy Brothers

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Whether you love them or hate them (it’s hard to be indifferent), there’s no doubt that the Kennedy brothers are still the people you think of first when talking about political dynasties. MSNBC has put together a documentary of John, Bobby and Teddy and it’s set to air soon. Here’s a preview of some of […]

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Feingold Predicts Health Care Reform Is Dead-ish

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Here’s what he had to say today about the prospects for getting this bill passed… From Lakeland Times: “Nobody is going to bring a bill before Christmas, and maybe not even then, if this ever happens,” Feingold said. “The divisions are so deep. I never seen anything like that.” Feingold reiterated his appraisal a bit […]

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