What’s Biden Been Up To?

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Czech Republic US Biden Over at The Examiner, we checked in with VP Biden to see what he’s been up to lately. He’s had several different jobs from Nerve Calmer to Envelope Pusher to Robocaller. As the #2 in command, it seems poor Mr. Biden has been traveling domestically to Ohio and New York, internationally to Poland and Romania, making copious phone calls to mayors and governors, and attending White House meetings on Afghanistan troop levels.

Over time, the vice president has been granted the wonderful ability to see into the future (of newspaper headlines) and he’s shown more poise and reserve in his speech… although that may not necessarily be a good thing, according to recent poll numbers that show a Gaff-able Joe Biden is far more likable than this serious character he’s become. Oh, but there have been gaffes… don’t you worry about that. It’s just that no one’s really been talking all that much about them, since Balloon Boy’s dad has been toying with our emotions and Joe Lieberman has been all over the TV flapping his yap about healthcare filibusters. In other news, you’ll be happy to hear that some new Bidenisms have been printed in David Plouffe’s new book, The Audacity To Win.

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