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Gallup Poll Confirms; America Is A Center-Right Country

By Doug Mataconis | Related entries in Democrats, Polls, Republicans

Despite the election of Barack Obama and the continuing misfortunes of the GOP, the United States is still a center-right country: PRINCETON, NJ — Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and liberals in the American populace in 2009, confirming a finding that Gallup first noted in June. Forty percent of Americans describe their political views as […]

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Gingrich To Run In 2012?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Newt

Unlikely, but he’s making noises yet again. From C-Span via Politics Daily: C-SPAN: “If you were to run, what factors would you take into account? What would lead you to think about running?” GINGRICH: “Callista and I are going to think about this in February 2011. And we are going to reach out to all […]

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Senate Health Care Bill Comes Into Focus

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Health Care, Legislation

So it looks as if the Senate’s bill will be released tomorrow and WSJ shares the broad strokes… Employers with more than 50 workers wouldn’t be required to provide health insurance, but they would face fines of up to $750 per employee if even part of their work force received a government subsidy to buy […]

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GOP 2012: Mitt Romney Or Sarah Palin?

By The Pajama Pundit | Related entries in Palin, Republicans, Romney

Matt Lewis breaks it down: Today, the perfunctory, “next in line” theory suggests that the most likely GOP nominee will be former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. While Romney dropped-out of the 2008 campaign earlier than Mike Huckabee, most conservatives concede that Romney finished in second place – and that is certainly the view held by […]

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Did You Realize Rape Was A Pre-Existing Condition?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Health Care

Danielle Ivory pens a shocking piece about yet another case of an insurance company acting completely immoral. From Huff Post: Christina Turner feared that she might have been sexually assaulted after two men slipped her a knockout drug. She thought she was taking proper precautions when her doctor prescribed a month’s worth of anti-AIDS medicine. […]

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Did Troop Requests Sit on Bush’s Desk?

By Frank Hagan | Related entries in News

The war of words between former Vice President Dick Cheney and the Obama Administration over Afghanistan continues. Responding to Cheney’s assertion that the administration is “dithering” in regards to sending more troops, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs responded today that similar requests to the Bush Administration sat on their desks “for more than 8 […]

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News Headlines for Independent Voters 10/22/09

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in News

News Headlines for Independent Voters 10/22/09 Independent Voters How Dems Can Cut Their Losses (by Charlie Cook, National Journal) Part of the genius of the 1994 GOP “Contract with America” was its message that resonated with the independent voters and others who voted for Ross Perot in 1992. It was less ideological and more outsider. […]

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Three Good True/Slant Blogs To Add To Your List

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging

First, E.D. Kain of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen and New Majority has started up a new health care policy blog over at True/Slant called American Tory. It’s a must read in only its first week. Then Bill Dupray of DC Republican Examiner and Patriot Room gives you political horse race analysis from the conservative […]

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Obama’s Approval Drops Significantly From 2nd To 3rd Quarter

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Obama, Polls

Can you believe it’s 9 points? Here’s the graph from Gallup: This creates a bit of an interesting predicament. Should Obama simply push forward with his initiatives and let the polls be damned or can he risk losing independents in front of a tough 2012 fight? I guess it depends on whether or not he […]

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White House Orders Pay Cut For Bailout Firms

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bailouts, Banks, Barack, Cars, Money, Obama

Who’s this guy? Meet Kenneth R. Feinberg, the new pay “czar” for the White House. He’s tasked with reigning in the out of control compensation at companies the government helped recently. I think it should be noted right off the bat that this is tied to executive compensation and bonuses…two pots of money that are […]

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