California’s Prop 14: The People vs. The Parties

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Independent voters in California (aka “decline to state”) vote in primaries at the whim of the party big-shots. And California Dems (including the school employees union) are playing some bad language games trying to dissuade voters from supporting Proposition 14, the “Top Two” open primary referendum on the ballot for a vote in June that will allow independents full participation. At issue is whether the political parties or the people have the power.


  • Prop. 14 fight comes down to words – Measure’s success could hinge on a court battle over language. (By George Skelton, LA Times/Capitol Journal)
  • Ballot measure would provide open primaries (Wyatt Buchanan, Chronicle Sacramento Bureau)
  • State lawmakers’ latest shame (by Pete Golis, Press Democrat)
  • Santa Rosa Press Democrat supports Prop 14 — clever cartoon too!
  • Dan Morain (Sac Bee) has a few choice words on the ballot language maneuver by the partisan powers that be (including the school employees union….)
  • Also see the Orange County Register on the language game…
  • Independents hope Prop 14 can help bring an end to partisan paralysis, according to Thomas Elias at the Redding Record Searchlight…

    And, Arizona Repubs want to close their primaries to keep independent voters out:

  • State GOP looking to close its primary to independents (Rhonda Bodfield Arizona Daily Star)

    What do independents think? Suggested reading:

  • (National)
  • Committee for a Unified Independent Party Attorney Harry Kresky “Why Independents Support Open Primaries
    Californians for an Open Primary-Yes on Prop 14
  • California Independent Voter Network

    For more news for independent voters, see The Hankster

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  • 3 Responses to “California’s Prop 14: The People vs. The Parties”

    1. David P. Summers Says:

      An idea that is long overdue. The modern system needs more than people being forced to choose the lesser of two evils…

    2. Nancy Hanks Says:


    3. Rob Says:

      The current system is flawed and it gives us ideological polarization in government as a direct result. The voting public is effectively presented with only two viable candidates chosen by ideological parties to represent their respective ideologies an thus the candidates we can choose between are beholden to party ideology and not the people. The voting public needs an honest chance to vote for a candidate that best represents their views. An oath of fealty to a party should not be a requirement to have an honest chance to get elected. Any system that reduces the ability of the parties to enforce that oath of fealty is a step in the right direction. Any oath of fealty should be to the voters, not the parties.

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