Jon Stewart reports on the Goldman Sachs hearing, financial reform and the elephonkey

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Perhaps the best reporting on yesterday’s hearing:

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The report is also notable for Stewart’s report on the demise of the Elephonkey.

While “Elephonkey” is clearly a far inferior neologism than our own Donklephant, I think Justin should consider adding this Stewart quip to the blog masthead:

“The elephonkey donklephant is a genetic monstrosity whose every moment of existence is unbearable agony.” – Jon Stewart

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2 Responses to “Jon Stewart reports on the Goldman Sachs hearing, financial reform and the elephonkey”

  1. mw Says:

    Another item that surfaced in the hearing yesterday touched on a lingering unresolved controversy here at the Donk.

    Given the free and frequent use of the word “sh*t” and “sh*tty” by our representatives in the most deliberative body in the world, notably Senator Carl Levin and Justin’s own Senator Claire McCaskill – And considering that these words were broadcast unedited and uncensored on C-span, CNBC, and other cable outlets – I think it is time to once again revisit the JPG.

    I have long championed the excretion of these words from the constipated Donklephant curse word prohibition policy. What say you? Is it time to update this outdated prohibition policy?

  2. Justin Gardner Says:

    If it’s bleeped on Comedy Central, it’s bleeped on Donklephant. :-)

    Love the Elephonkey shout out!

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