The Practice Of Rescission Is No Longer

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Good Decisions, Health Care, health care reform

Do know that without the health care legislation…this wouldn’t have happened.

From Politico:

“While many health plans already abide by the standards outlined in the new law, our community is committed to implementing the new standards in May 2010 to ensure that individuals and families will have greater peace of mind when purchasing coverage on their own,” AHIP president and chief executive Karen Ignagni said in a letter to top House Democrats.

The decision to end rescission, as the practice is known, was made during a Tuesday afternoon conference call of chief executives organized by their trade group, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and represents the industry’s latest attempt to build political good will after the bruising health care fight.

The decision came on the same day that WellPoint, under fire for reports that it had targeted breast cancer patients for rescission, announced it would end the practice by Saturday. On Wednesday, UnitedHealth also announced it had eliminated the practice.

For more on this unethical practice, see here, here and here.

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7 Responses to “The Practice Of Rescission Is No Longer”

  1. Mike A. Says:

    …and with it, the death of the free market…

  2. the Word Says:

    If the free market promotes death of Americans, I’m all for it’s death.

  3. JimS Says:

    Just remember that the free market is completely amoral, even more so than your typical career criminal.

  4. Justin Gardner Says:

    the Word and JimS…in the case of health care…agreed. But this is a unique industry with certain cost challenges that will still need to be addressed in the future.

    Also, to Mike A., our market is pretty damn free. And we tried pure free marketism back in the day…it didn’t work. People were dying left and right from faulty products. Caveat emptor is appropriate after all the other safeguards have been put into place.

  5. Mike A. Says:

    Justin….it was a snide remark.

  6. Justin Gardner Says:

    Mike, fair enough. Sorry, sometimes it’s hard to tell and a few folks comment as “Mike.” As you can see, some other frequent commenters drew the same conclusion.

    Still, I’ll try to keep track of the different Mikes and respond accordingly. But it would help if you provided a wink. ;-)


  7. Mike A. Says:

    No problem. Content vs context..that’s why god invented emoticons. ;p

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