Joe Manchin Wins West Virginia Senate Seat

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Elections, Republicans, West Virginia

This one was close for a while, but Manchin started to pull away after he made some ads that targeted Obama and his health care bill. That apparently helped him with independents and moderate Dems.

Here’s more from TPM:

We now have a result in a key red state — where Democrats have been saved the loss of the seat that was previously held by the late Dem Senator Robert Byrd since 1958 — as Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin has defeated Republican businessman John Raese.

With 12% of precincts reporting, Manchin leads by 54%-43%, and has been projected as the winner by NBC News and Fox News.

Byrd’s passing this past June opened up a Senate seat in a state where President Obama only won 43% of the vote in 2008, and where his approval ratings have consistently been well below the national norm.

Dems holding this one was important and Manchin knew what it took to win.

The question is now…will he be siding with Repubs for repealing the health care bill?

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3 Responses to “Joe Manchin Wins West Virginia Senate Seat”

  1. mw Says:

    Actually, I think he was targeting (literally) Cap and Trade, not health care. Unless I missed something.

    I just watched the ad again, and I did miss something – he says he would work to repeal the “bad parts” of Obamacare – whatever that means.

    This is a Democrat that Republicans can live with.

  2. Trescml Says:

    Manchin is a conservative Democrat and will be someone the Republicans will court to help on a health care vote. Of with the filibuster, it isn’t too likely that health care will come to the floor (at least in the form of a complete repeal). The only way I can see that vote happening is if Democrats have to trade a vote on health care for allowing the debt ceiling the rise. Will be interesting to see how that choice would go over with the Tea Party.

  3. Tully Says:

    He has also been an enormously popular governor who made some seriously tough decisions that have kept WV in decent shape during the recession, which sure didn’t hurt him. Nor did his refusal to appoint himself to the seat after Byrd died, insisiting that it needed to be filled by open election.

    Yep, he flipped on Obamacare after details about the costs to the states started coming out.

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