Russ Feingold Falls In Wisconsin

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Democrats, Elections, Republicans, Wisconsin

It doesn’t look like it’ll even be close.

From TPM:

As the Republican wave spreads across the country, it’s time to say goodbye to one of the big-name progressive champions of the past 18 years: Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), champion of campaign finance reform and longtime opponent of the Patriot Act, has gone down in defeat against Republican businessman Ron Johnson. It marks the first time since 1986 that Republicans have won a Senate race here.

With 30% of precincts reporting, Johnson leads by 57%-42%, and has been projected as the winner by NBC News and Fox News.

I doubt this is the last we’ll hear from Feingold, but, as mentioned, this is a big blow for progressive everywhere.

Also, I think this signals that Wisconsin is definitely not a sure thing for Dems come 2012.

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12 Responses to “Russ Feingold Falls In Wisconsin”

  1. Agnostick Says:

    This also signals the end of compromise, civility, teamwork, etc. As pointed out on MSNBC, , McCain ran screaming to CrazyBaseLand, and got to keep his Senate seat… and Feingold, his co-author of the campaign finance reform, has been handed his hat.

  2. Alistair Says:

    Wisconsin has always come close to Republican!

  3. mw Says:

    Nonsense. Now, when both parties have actual power is the only time there can be compromise. It is impossible to have any meaningful compromise when only one party has power. What the Democrats don’t get is the ability to steamroll and serve up giant stinking piles of crap like Obamacare and Porkulus and then try to tell us it’s a steak dinner.

    Civility? Teamwork? Could somebody tell me when this golden age existed and we had all this civility and teamwork in the federal government? I am 57 years old and I don’t remember one day of it. It is complete BS. That is not the way our form of government works. We fight, we debate, both sides give up something they really want, and that is real compromise. And if no compromise is to be found, then the legislation does not pass. And that is good too. No legislation is better than bad legislation.

  4. bubbaquimby Says:

    Having been born and raised in WI, actually where Feingold lives, I am pretty surprised. The state was getting more and more blue. However there are still areas that are blue collar workers. Those areas have been hit really hard by the recession GM left Janesville and unemployment is higher up north in Obey’s old district.

    Feingold is just a victim of a bad economy and I also feel that he got hurt by Doyle who was absolutely hated as gov.

    The Badger State definitely went red tonight (1 Sen, 1 Gov and 2-3 House).

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  6. Simon Says:

    There’s obviously no causal relationship, but one has to see humor in the timing: Feingold authored an incumbent protection law, won reelection under it, and as soon as the Supreme Court guts that incumbent protection law, its author is thrown out.

  7. kranky kritter Says:

    Yuh, surely we need to actually HAVE an era of civility and compromise before it can end,

  8. Chris Says:

    I feel sorry for Russ, but handing the repubs the keys to the state government is a far worse outcome for WI than republican control of the federal government.

    Also kranky I voted for a republican yesterday. Van Hollen, he’s a partisan douche who has poor morals for a lawyer, but I think he’s done a good job running the department.

  9. kranky kritter Says:

    Poor morals “for a lawyer”? Ouch.

    So, you voted for a republican and the sun rose the next day anyway. How ’bout that? Just needling. hope you don’t mind. Any sense of a total tally? I think I voted for 2 or 3 republicans, 2 democrats, and 7 or 8 independents.

    Is house rep the highest level you’ve voted for a republican? Ever vote for a GOP governor, senator, or President? Just askin’, not trying to disparage.

    Any chance you’ll decide to bother posting comments over at

  10. Chris Says:

    I’ll have to sign up for a google account or something :)

    I would absolutely vote for a GOP gov if I thought s/he would do a better job, but with this case (walker) and his sarah palin wannabe LT, there’s no way. I didn’t see one peep of a plan on how to turn things around come out of the walker campaign, and that’s why i didn’t vote for him.

    Same goes for RoJo, he would have to have been running against a pretty crummy democrat to make me think that he’s anything more than an empty suit millionaire looking to increase his cut of the pie. But he was going against Feingold, the only senator that in my opinion has any integrity left. And that was obvious by the pussified campaign he ran, and like a typical democrat he let RoJo walk all over him without even any meager defense.

    Rojo also never gave me a reason to vote for him. he wouldn’t give interviews to the media, he didn’t even offer up any plans on how to “fix” things.

    Walker truly believes in what he says, but I don’t think he’s going to be that effective – looking at his track record as county executive. Giving tax breaks to try to entice corporations back into WI isn’t going to work, the cost of living is too high here and therefore wage expectations are too high.

  11. bubbaquimby Says:

    “an empty suit millionaire looking to increase his cut of the pie”

    You just described Herb Kohl.

  12. Chris Says:

    No kidding, that guy is useless.

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