Sparky Anderson

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I know this may not be the most direct political cartoon, but definitely news worthy especially after all this exhausting election year. What made Sparky so remarkable aside from just managing a boy’s game, was he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in managing difficult players or prima donnas during his tenure. He led the Big Red Machine of the Reds to a remarkable back to back World Series Championships with huge egos like Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Ken Griffey Sr. to name a few. He came to Detroit and took a rag tag team and developed them into a world class baseball club…and I had the fortune to experience this during my childhood.

I just hope that we can have a few politicians that could exhibit the remarkable leadership, charm and energy that this great soul possessed. It seems today we have become bitter, entangled and stuck in our trenches refusing to look past our egos and convictions to embrace team work and a positive attitude to get things done.

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  1. kranky kritter Says:

    I remember the big red machine for breaking my heart in 1975 as an 11 yr old red sox fan. That was one of those teams so good I can name almost the whole line-up: Bench, Rose, Perez, Morgan, Concepcion, Geronimo… .

    Anderson is one of those guys who will be remembered as a quintessential American original. RIP.

    I don’t think you need to apologize for being non-political. This is as good a place as any for me to renew my call for donklephant to have a weekly open thread for posters to drop by and check in with whatever is on the mind: personally, pop culture, what you’re doingths weekend, what you’re digging, and so on. It’s a guaranteed traffic builder, and. Friday’s a good day for that. It also helps reduce flaming and trolling, because it adds a little good faith.

    On that note: I have a bunch of new posts up over at The Cranky Critter

    Hopefully some of you will drive by and smack me.

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  3. donar Says:

    I’m blogrolling you Cranky

  4. kranky kritter Says:

    Thanks, man.

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