Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Land of BIG Spirits

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Sarah Palin’s new reality show claims to show her in a “natural” setting. I bet there are more interesting perspectives on this natural state.

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5 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Land of BIG Spirits”

  1. Chris Says:

    80 % of republicans polled have a favorable view of Palin, which makes me mistrust anything that republican voters have to say.

  2. kranky kritter Says:

    Palin Jumps Shark

    For months I have been telling both Palin-despising liberals and Palin-adoring conservatives that Sara Palin is not going to run for President. “She’s happy and comfortable in the roles she’s carved out as a sideline cheerleader, “I’ve told everyone. “She has no interest in actually playing in the big game.”

    Well, now Palin has a reality show. It’s some sort of infomercial for her, and for Alaska.

    With this action, I declare that Palin has officially jumped the shark. She’s maybe a list or two above Kathy Griffin, but that’s it.

    Even staunch Palin supporters are jumping ship.

    Republicans will retain a generally positive view of Palin simply because she’s a verbatim mouthpiece of party talking points. That doesn’t mean they lack the judgement to see that she’s not presidential timber.

    80 % of republicans polled have a favorable view of Palin, which makes me mistrust anything that republican voters have to say.

    In other news, I hear the sun will rise tomorrow.

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  4. daniel noe Says:

    In that poll, who was Palin compared to? I have reservations about her (and this reality show isn’t helping), but I’d approve of her if she was being compared to Obama.

  5. daniel noe Says:

    So she’s in a natural setting, eh? What is that supposed to mean? Is she naked?

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