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Will The GOP Raise The Debt Ceiling?

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Looks like the new batch of Republicans are already signaling that they’ll refuse to raise the debt ceiling… even though John Boehner is telling them they must. From WSJ: […] on Thursday, Minority Leader John Boehner (R., Ohio) said he’s been talking to the newly elected GOP lawmakers about the need to raise the federal […]

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Don’t be evil.

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I am now using a Droid phone. My whole life is on this device. My “real” email accounts and my “fake” ones – they’re all Gmail accounts and linked on the Gmail app. My phone numbers, credit card information and my real name. Facebook , blogs and tweets. It’s all conveniently tied together and linked […]

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Palin Says She Could Beat Obama in 2012

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Palin, Video

At this point I think we can assume she’s running. Initially I didn’t think there was any chance that would happen, but after the past couple weeks I can’t help but think that the writing is on the wall. Especially since January is right around the corner and Politimas only comes only once every 4 […]

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Jay Rockefeller Calls For Partisan Cable News To End

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Currency Envy

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Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Land of BIG Spirits

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Sarah Palin’s new reality show claims to show her in a “natural” setting. I bet there are more interesting perspectives on this natural state. Tweet

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Applied Relative Demonology as it pertains to the Speaker of the House in 2006, 2010 and 2014 mid-term elections.
– or –
I see orange people.

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The single most dramatic change in the complexion of our government emerging from the midterm election is the impending leadership change in the House of Representatives. Republican John Boehner will be replacing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. He will be seated next to Joe Biden behind President Obama for the State of the Union Address in early 2011. You may want to take some time now to adjust the tint and color intensity on your hi-def flat screen.

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Why Is Eric Cantor Undermining American Foreign Policy?

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First, the weirdness… Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday during a meeting in New York that the new GOP majority in the House will “serve as a check” on the Obama administration, a statement unusual for its blunt disagreement with U.S. policy delivered directly to a foreign leader. “Eric […]

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GOP and unemployment benefits

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How To Draw John Boehner

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This will be a first in a series of drawing tutorials for the aspiring cartoonist. I hope you enjoy learning how to draw and please send me links or e-mail me your drawing of Mr. Boehner! E-mail your pics to pgcartoons(at)gmail(dot)com Tweet

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