Make Your Own Nancy Pelosi Doll

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cartoons, Comedy, Democrats, Pelosi, Video

Out of an apple?

Donar shows you how…

More at Political Graffiti.

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5 Responses to “Make Your Own Nancy Pelosi Doll”

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  2. Slugger Says:

    I usually like stupid and nasty, but something about this bit was too creepy for me. Why so hateful?

  3. kranky kritter Says:

    Pretty scary likeness.

    I really don’t like Nancy Pelosi very much, but at least she doesn’t start bawling at the drop of the hat like John Boehner, That’s just weird. I wonder if he has brain tumor.

  4. donar Says:

    It was creepy, and unfortunately I felt creepy making it :( I like Pelosi, and perhaps it was unfair to make a doll from a dried up old apple, but I did have fun doing it. Sometimes satire can be cheap and I am guilty of indulging in cheap laughs but I’m sure she has been dealt with worst criticism. Most politicians tend to be a little creepy, and in some ways you have to put your integrity and virtue aside if you want to play this game. And if you get to point where power and status are within your grasp, you get made into apple heads and god knows what else. On that note, I’ll go back to drawing as it’s easier and better suited for my satire…but once in awhile you have to try new or old dried up things.

  5. Mike A. Says:

    I agree with Kranky…pretty scary likeness.

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