The year in review

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2010 had many ups and downs and graphically there was a lot to draw. There is always a balance or judicious decisions to be made when covering the events and news. Natural disasters are tough as there is not a lot of comic room to debate or draw like Haiti, while the pot smoking legislation in California is almost too comical in its own right. The Gulf oil spill would have to be the biggest news event in terms of environmental, political, and geographical impact and allowed cartoonists to tackle a myriad of topics. The fall elections and the last few weeks of the year also triggered a flurry of topics and material as the Tea Party, the Palins, John Boehner/Nancy Pelosi, Wikileaks, airport security and Obama’s last push of legislation made it a very busy last month which made up for the dog days of July thru Sept.

The new year of course brings ripe material of Congressional battles that only a cartoonist would probably embrace but having nothing but Democrats to poke fun at can create a very boring political season so I anticipate more dynamic issues and “characters” to tackle. But I hope there are less natural disasters and more pot legislation on the horizon!

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