The Donald Is A Birther?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Obama, Republicans, The Donald, Video

You have got be kidding me.

And yet…no.

No, Obama hasn’t shown anybody his birth certificate…

And how about this whopper…

Show me a picture. I’ve seen 14-year-old, I’ve seen 13-year-old. I haven’t seen early pictures.

Yeah, those don’t exist…

Nobody can find them…

Where are they?!?!?!?

He’s a fake!

Donald…you’re fired.

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11 Responses to “The Donald Is A Birther?”

  1. gerryf Says:

    A republican says crazy sh** with no supporting evidence that anyone with half a brain knows is false…I’m shocked.

  2. Mike A. Says:

    Sarah Palin redux

  3. kranky kritter Says:

    Trump is not close to being Presidential material. . . next!

  4. Nick Benjamin Says:

    But he could be entertaining.

    And we’ll need some entertainment if current trends continue. It’s very hard to beat an incumbent President, much less one whose presiding over a (admittedly slowly) improving economy and has unseated Qaddafi.

    Surely you must concede Trump has better hair then Palin.

  5. kranky kritter Says:

    No Nick, entertaining is bad. I don’t believe for a second he’ll run. He just wants the attention.

    I still expect Obama to get re-elected at this point. But I expect a serious GOP contender to emerge and to give Obama a dogfight. Of the folks making noises, I think Pawlenty has the best chance of winning the gen elec vs. Obama. He has to figure how to win the nomination, though.

  6. Paul Roberts Says:

    Hahahaha wtf? Why he saying things like that?? It is funny when people try to exist in media doing things like this…. pathetic…

  7. michael mcEachran Says:

    I couldn’t figure out if he really believed what he was saying / asking, or if we was playing to the batsh** wing of the party. Eitherway, he didn’t do his homework. So, yeah – fired. Insane that Republicans aren’t recoiling in shame when this topic comes up.

  8. gerryf Says:

    You assume Republicans have shame….

  9. daniel noe Says:

    Colbert-Trump 2012!!!!!

  10. Chris Says:

    Regressives have no shame. They’ll dig down in their pants, pull up a handful of sh*t, look you right in the eye and tell you it’s chocolate.

  11. Donklephant » Blog Archive » Trump Tied For First In CNN GOP Poll; Might Run As Indy Says:

    […] If this poll holds up, the GOP is truly lost. Especially after his birther nonsense. […]

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