Michelle Bachmann “Lit Up The Gathering” In Iowa

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At least that’s what Haley Barbour is saying about her appearance at Rep. Steve King’s conference…and after watching this video I tend to agree. She really knows how to rile up a conservative crowd. Lots of good old fashiony call and response speechifying.

So big deal, right?

Well, when it comes to the caucuses in Iowa, let’s remember that this is the state that voted for Pat Robertson over George Bush in ’88.

More from Politico:

Talking loudly and waving her hands, a pumped Bachmann used a slide presentation of various numbers — the national debt, the cost of a gallon of gas two years ago the day before Obama took office, the corporate tax rate — to make her points and pull the crowd in.

Suggesting that Iowa caucus voters had the power to halt Obama, Bachmann wrapped up her speech by asking, “Are you in? Are you in for 2012?”

“I agree with you!” she said as the crowd cheered, and added, “I’m in!”

Sarah who?

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7 Responses to “Michelle Bachmann “Lit Up The Gathering” In Iowa”

  1. kranky kritter Says:

    My initial sense of Bachman holds . . . that she’s a slightly more substantive version of Sara Palin. Still she feels lightweight to me: more about populist emotion than about insight and legitimate leadership.

    IOW, I don’t see her winning serious nationwide consideration over the long haul. That leaves the question of which viable candidates are likely to lose support to her. She can perhaps be a monkey wrench of some sort. Especially during the baroque dance of the Iowa caucuses and the helter skelter of the first few primaries.

  2. gerryf Says:

    “slightly more substantive version of Sara Palin”

    Why? Because she won more elections? A slightly more bat crap crazy, maybe, but a slightly more substantive version of Sara Palin?

    She better run for president–her Minnesotan constituents have got to be so embarrassed by her by now she cannot possibly win re-election.

  3. michael mcEachran Says:

    Well, she’s not a witch, and she hasn’t quit her elected position… that’s enough for me.

    You know Rove is twisting. More good news for Dems. What do serious Republicans think? Where are they?? Pawlenty??? Really? He reminds me of an insurance salesman. Or a local lawyer putting himself in his own commercial. Did you see his epic movie trailer about his maybe pending exploritory committee? Big budget, big music, fast cuts and he still looked cheap. I don’t think he’s lighting anybody on fire. He’s a less qualified Republican version of John Kerry, maybe.

  4. gerryf Says:

    How do you know she’s not a witch? Let’s get her on a scale and compare her to a duck….

  5. daniel noe Says:

    The electorate is so fickle. Remember when it was supposed to be Hillary vs. Guliani? They will forget Bachmann and Sarah in time.

    can’t help it: She must be a witch; she turned gingrich into a newt!

  6. gerryf Says:


  7. kranky kritter Says:

    She seems a tiny smarter to me Gerry. I think it’s pretty plainly obvious that she’s just a little bit more on the ball than Palin. Could my bar be any lower here? Seriously.

    Must you be such a relentless douche on all such matters? Couldn’t you just say “that’s not saying much?” Because It’s not. Saying much. I am saying almost nothing nice. Arguably it’s not even complimentary.

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