Mitt Romney Forms 2012 Presidential Exploratory Committee

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Romney, Video

And he did it on Twitter no less. Very 2011 Mitt. But why not a #tcot hashtag?

Here’s the video:

Looks like Mitt is taking the “insulated President” tact and it’s an easy hit. As President, Obama doesn’t come off as the warmest guy and this is a good place to start.

However, as a Presidential candidate, Obama can bring the warmth and whip up inspiration better than anybody we’ve seen since Reagan. And Mitt isn’t exactly Huckabee, or, for that matter, Palin.

Still, what do you all think? Will Mitt be it?

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3 Responses to “Mitt Romney Forms 2012 Presidential Exploratory Committee”

  1. Alistair Says:

    The thing that will hurt Romney is RomneyCare. Even if he wins the primary he could be really bruised and batter for President Obama to win 2012.

  2. kranky kritter Says:

    He would probably make a good challenger for Obama, because he can speak with depth, clarity, and understanding on economic issues in a way that most other likely GOP candidates can’t.

    But I aree that he’ll have a lot of trouble getting out of the GOP primaries. He has already had the big problem of being perceived as insufficiently pure for conservative tastes. And now he has nowhere to hide on HCR, because MassHealth was a primary model for “obamacare.” His argument that he just wants states to decide is just not very compelling.

    Perhaps his biggest problem, IMo is that he comes across as too practiced, and so seems quite insincere at times. He feels ingratiating to the point of phoniness, at least to me. Anyone else get this vibe?

  3. Joey Says:

    Romney’s biggest struggle in the general election is and has been convincing people that he understands them. Also the political problem of Romney’s tax returns — lays out the most likely explanation for why the former Massachusetts governor and his campaign have been so stingy about releasing more. It’s not likely that Romney — whether or not he releases a substantial portion of his past tax returns — will ever be entirely relatable to the average person. And in an election in a time of relative prosperity, that connection issue might doom his chances. I’m just saying?…Who knows right?…

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