Schooling The Republican Candidates (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Education

sarah palin degree

When it comes to education mixing with politicians, it’s good to know what credentials they have. This infographic from Online Schools serves it up nicely — profiling Republicans with degrees.

Detailing Michelle Bachman, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Jon Huntsman by how many degrees they have, as well as how many degrees each politician holds.

There’s also a section of 10 presidents that have not held any degrees at all, if you weren’t aware of this, it’ll serve as a good reference.

How Educated Are Republican Candidates?
Created by: OnlineSchools

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6 Responses to “Schooling The Republican Candidates (INFOGRAPHIC)”

  1. theWord Says:

    Should Oral Roberts count?

  2. Rich Horton Says:

    Actually, the nicest thing you can say about this field is its lack of Ivy leaguers. (Just Huntsman…and that was only Penn.)

  3. WHQ Says:

    Romney went to Harvard. Hell, Duke and William and Mary might as well be Ivy League.

  4. theWord Says:

    @Rich- Not a problem if they deserved to be there. Legacies might bear some scrutiny.

  5. michael mcEachran Says:

    Does Palin have donkeys on her scarf?

  6. Mike A. Says:

    Yes, and if you look closely there’s a helicopter above with an assault rifle pointed down at them…

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