94% Of Candidates Who Raise The Most Money Win Election?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, Money

Dylan Ratigan wants to get money COMPLETELY out of politics. Not just corporate money or soft money…ALL money. Pretty bold.

But when you consider his stat, which is the title of this post, it’s pretty sobering to consider how much of a vice grip money has on how our political system is shaped. Because it’s really not about the best ideas anymore, and that should have all of us concerned.

To find out out more, visit Get Money Out and consider signing their petition.

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7 Responses to “94% Of Candidates Who Raise The Most Money Win Election?”

  1. cranky critter Says:

    He ISSSSSSSS dylan quixote, the lord of Douche-mancha! Tone deaf tilting at windmills here. Who’s gonna pay instead? Not me. I aint got it.

    Besides, this is almost certainly a function of incumbency anyways. Incumbents usually get re=elected. And they usually collect the most money because they are incumbents. I’m agnostic on term limits. But I wonder what the record would be then.

    If we wanted an indicator, we could look at the small number of elections without incumbents and see what the effect of money is THEN. Until the data is controlled for incumbency, we don’t know what’s being measured.

  2. Tully Says:

    What cranky said. Donation levels are a function of two things: incumbency and popularity. Donors want the most bang for their buck, which favors incumbents. And they donate to people they want to see win and whom they would (will) vote for — popularity.

    A campaign finance reform I could get behind would be to limit donations to within the district up for election. What you can raise from people that are actually IN the district. No “outside” money. That way at least the money levels would better reflect the actual district consitituencies.

  3. Tillyosu Says:

    Funny, I never hear Ratigan rant against union money in politics…

  4. linda D Says:

    Ratigan says ALL money including Union money… Both parties are bought!!

  5. cranky critter Says:

    Cool idea, Tully.

  6. theWord Says:

    @Tully – for clarification. No outside money? Would that allow one big company to buy a district or would only individuals be allowed to donate? Wasn’t sure what you meant.

  7. eza abrams Says:

    sources, sources, sources, or are we in a fact free zone
    some guy saying something on a youtube is not a source

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