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The First Super Committee

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News On The Vice Presidency…

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Vote on this week’s VEEP Picture Poll: Which VP Had The Coolest Gun? Learn what Joe Biden’s been up to this month and read some of his latest quotes. Check out Rob Portman’s credentials and learn why both Republicans and Democrats think he’d be a great #2. Also, we have a feature titled: Gingrich, A […]

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A John Adams Story

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This morning, I came across an interesting little interview of the Republican Presidential Hopefuls, where the question was posed, “Who should be the fifth president on Mount Rushmore?” I’d have to say I’m with Perry on this one — there are enough Presidents on Mount Rushmore; why add another? But I also expected to hear a few […]

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Honest Graft, Dishonest Graft, Pelosi, Boehner, and the STOCK Act

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In a recent feature story on 60 Minutes, Steve Kroft detailed how many in Congress use their privileged access to information on pending legislation, investigations and regulations to line their own pockets. Much of the piece was based on research of Hoover Institute fellow Peter Schweizer from his book “Throw Them All Out”. Among the surprising revelations in the book – Congress is exempt from prosecution for the same kind of insider trading that would send the rest of us to jail.

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Epic Fail of Ranked-choice Voting in Oakland

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With Ranked-choice voting, Oakland voters are facing the question whether they legitimately elected an incompetent, or if they were denied the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate for mayor.

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VIDEO: Watch The CNBC Republican Debate

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Just in case you haven’t seen it… Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 So besides Perry’s gaffe, what was the most memorable moment for you? Tweet

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Occupy Wall Street: The Clinical Psychology of Political Movements

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Written By Luke Walker Despite the many unified voices of discontent, echoing from streets wherever the ‘Occupy’ protests persist, in cities all over the world, the question of whether a clear message has been made is still debatable. So, what exactly is the clinical psychology of the ‘Occupy’ movement? Is there a unified message? Does […]

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China to Europe: ‘Your worn out welfare society and outdated labor laws induce sloth, indolence and penalize hard work.’

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Jin Liqun explains with crystal clarity the prerequisite conditions for China’s potential role as a “white knight” riding to the financial rescue of the Eurozone. To whit – if it is not good for China, and it is not a good investment, China is not going to participate in the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF). Then in explicit terms, with no BS, no mincing of words, and no diplomatic artifice, Jin Liqun lectures Europe on exactly the problem with the Eurozone labor laws and welfare state.

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McCain Predicts Third Party

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So is McCain rediscovering his centrist roots after he ran to the right to secure the GOP’s nomination? Maybe he has regrets about unleashing the embarrassment that is Sarah Palin on to the world? Whatever the reason…glad to see him come back towards the middle. From Reuters: The Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2008 raised […]

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Gallup: Romney And Cain Tied. Gingrich Keeps Inching Up.

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As many of you know, I’m a poll junkie and the

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