Mitt’s Stagecraft Problem Has Media Buzzing

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Michigan, Republicans, Romney

You can look at that picture and understand immediately why the media is laying into Mitt Romney. It fits perfectly with the media’s story that Romney just isn’t exciting the base. Otherwise a lot more people would have turned out. Right?

Well, he did turn out over 1,200 people…for a policy speech. Can any other candidate in this field do that? Highly doubtful. Even Ron Paul would have problems turning out numbers like that.

But the problem here is that Romney just doesn’t know how to keep his momentum going. He doesn’t know how to seal the deal. And that has the GOPers really nervous.

The Atlantic explains…

In addition to his foot-in-mouth tendency, Romney also happens to have impeccably bad timing — a real knack for stepping in it right when the campaign momentum had started to turn in his direction.

In this case, Romney’s fortunes finally seemed again to be on an upswing, following his commanding performance in Wednesday’s debate. And it was just starting to look like he might be able to coast to victory in Arizona and Michigan on Tuesday. Now, a fresh round of criticism of his awkwardness and wealth could give voters in those states pause.

The story was much the same with Romney’s “very poor” line at the end of January. That comment came in an interview he gave the night he won the Florida primary. The next day’s news should have been a Romney inevitability-fest. Instead, it was consumed with debate over whether he’d strike general-election voters as cartoonishly callous. A week later, Romney lost three state contests to Rick Santorum.

So will this latest gaffe mean he loses Michigan? Perhaps. And if that happens…all bets are off.

More as it develops…

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One Response to “Mitt’s Stagecraft Problem Has Media Buzzing”

  1. Shane Says:

    Well, he did turn out over 1,200 peopleā€¦for a policy speech. Can any other candidate in this field do that? Highly doubtful. Even Ron Paul would have problems turning out numbers like that.

    Ron would have doubled Mitt up @2,577…..

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