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Pre-Review: StockTouch Mobile/Tablet App

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Hey all, I was contacted recently by a company that has created a really compelling way to keep track of the top stocks and I wanted to share it with you. Full disclosure, they gave me the app for free to review, and I haven’t fully dug into it, but from what I’ve seen of […]

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Arctic Romney

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What’s New In Vice Presidents Land?

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If you haven’t been by the VEEP Blog in a while, you may have missed a story or two! My apologies for the summaries, but I’ve got a lot of ground to cover here… We’ve decided that, though T-Paw was an early adopter of Romney and hopelessly loyal, Romney’s poor showing in Minnesota pretty much […]

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Public Policy Polling: Santorum More Electable Than Romney

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So let’s look at the numbers from Public Policy Polling… Yes, Rick Santorum is ahead of Romney by 2 points. And that’s the first time in PPP’s stats that this has happened. Romney has always been ahead of his competitor when it came to electability against Obama. So how could this possibly happen? There are […]

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NRO: It’s Time For Newt Gingrich To Drop Out

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The editorial staff at National Review Online make a compelling argument for the former Speaker to quit the race for the Republican nomination: At the moment Rick Santorum appears to be overtaking Newt Gingrich as the principal challenger to Mitt Romney. Santorum has won more contests than Gingrich (who has won only one), has more […]

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Rick Santorum Sweeps Non-Binding Minnesota, Missouri & Colorado Primaries

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Yes, you read that right. Another day, another crazy outcome in the GOP primary season. Well, actually 3 crazy outcomes. Here’s the lowdown from Politico: Rick Santorum dealt an embarrassing setback to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign Tuesday night, sweeping non-binding contests across three states and raising new questions about conservatives’ willingness to accept Romney as […]

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It’s Halftime in Mexico, Canada and Italy

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If there is a political message to found here, it has nothing to do with the advertisement itself. The ad is doing exactly what any good ad should do. In fact, it does more – Memeorandum is tracking reactions, people are writing columns about it, it is being posted on blogs and social networks. Chrysler is getting more than their money’s worth from this spot.

The political problem is with the underlying company. The problem is with the moral hazard unleashed when they were bailed out with taxpayer money. The problem is with the subsequent heavy handed politically motivated machinations orchestrated by the Obama administration in the bankruptcy proceedings. I would not want to buy a car from that company.

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