Todd Akin Cuts New TV Ad/Apology, Looks To Be Staying In

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Missouri, Republicans, Senate, Video

So all of those GOP pundits were wrong?

Perhaps. Here’s his new ad…

Let’s get one thing straight. Akin didn’t use the wrong words. He clearly suggested that a rape victim’s body could cleanse itself. Also, the word “legitimate” is not a misstep. Especially in the context of what he said.

Also, keep in mind that Akin’s campaign is being run by his son and his wife because nearly everybody he had hired previously walked when they found out what he actually believed.

The guy has radically offensive views and he’s just trying to cover it up. Plain and simple.

Heads up Missouri…do you really want this guy in office?

More as it develops…

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5 Responses to “Todd Akin Cuts New TV Ad/Apology, Looks To Be Staying In”

  1. cranky critter Says:

    Haven’t seen this kind of obtuseness since Blagojevich.

  2. Tillyosu Says:

    I just don’t understand how exactly this man thinks he’s going to be effective in the Senate even assuming he wins this race. He’s been publicly disavowed by practically everyone on the right, including activists, party bosses, fundraisers, and elected officials. Christ even Limbaugh threw him under the bus.

    I understand he’s worked his whole life to get to this point, and he probably thinks there’s some kind of honor in not giving up now, but at this point it just seems selfish and stupid. It reminds me of that part from The Ides of March:

    Molly you’ve go to wake the fuck up… this is the big leagues…it’s mean…and when you make mistakes you lose your right to play. Make the appointment and tell me when and where we have to go.

    Akin needs to put his big boy pants on, realize he’s out, and go home.

  3. Tully Says:

    While he certainly is obtuse, Cranky, you have to realize this religidiot likely believes every single word he said. This is his destiny. He’s probably not dropping out because he honestly thinks he’s doing God’s work. This can be tough to accept on a visceral level if you haven’t ever had to deal with the AngryJesus mob, but I assure you he would not be unique among other candidates or elected officials.

    The scary thing is he still might win. But you can be sure that Claire McCaskill would much rather run against today’s self-beclowned Akin than any of the suggested replacement candidates.

  4. mw Says:

    he still might win…

    Really? I find that hard to believe. But if true, it means the Dems are bigger trouble than I thought this cycle.

    I see that even PPP is showing that Brown has taken the lead against Warren in Mass.

    In 2010 I thought the Scott Brown special election victory was an early tell on what was in store for the midterms. This cycle, I dunno – Warren was the Democratic Party darling and a considered super strong candidate when she entered the race against Scott. It’s got to be disconcerting to see her behind in the polls. I wonder if she gets a speaking spot at the convention.

  5. cranky critter Says:

    All politics is local. From a distance, I’m sure it’s tempting to ascribe Scott Brown’s strength over Warren to some national trend.

    But the truth is that Scott Brown has done a very astute job of building his brand by understanding the nature of his appeal. His brand, basically, is regular guy + problem solver + anti-partisanship. He beat Warren to the punch in calling for Akin to step down, for example. Plus, he has a very at-ease demeanor.

    Warren comes across as an old-fashioned liberal scold, and she invented the “you didn’t build that” meme which is being perceived by many as a bit tone deaf. And her demeanor is very “clenched.” If you’re not a hook-line-and-sinker liberal, she’s kind of hard to like.

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