Obama’s Space Jump

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4 Responses to “Obama’s Space Jump”

  1. mw Says:

    Heh. Got a chuckle on this one. Maybe that “Biden parachute” will break the fall.

  2. donar Says:

    Joe’s Big Mouth will cushion the landing!

  3. Eugene McCain Says:

    The only problem with the cartoon is that this is not happening. Not even close.
    Romney gained a couple points and Obama lost a couple points. That is significant. But this race is very close and right now, Obama still has the lead.

  4. cranky critter Says:

    I just heard a poll report on the local radio today that Romney is ahead in my state, MA. Haven’t looked into it yet. But if it’s accurate, then Obama is in serious trouble.

    My sense of the first debate based on others reactions was that the enduring change would be 2 to 4 points to Romney. There was initially a bigger swing, but such shifts usually have a bounce back, and this one appears to have had one as well.

    I’m still very surprised that Mitt Romney suddenly appeared capable, enthusiastic, and in command of his message. Few folks would have bet on this happening, but it did. I think there are still many folks out there who don’t know which Romney is real, the Spring Romney or the Fall Romney. That he now appears capable and convincing suggests to me that he’s the same guy we had as governor: a pro-business conservative who is also a pragmatist who is willing to negotiate hard and then cut the best deal he can. And someone who may mouth platitudes about social issues from time to time, but who just isn’t motivated by much animus on any of them.

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