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2nd Amendment Gun Control

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The sequester is not the problem. The sequester is [part of] the solution.

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The “sequester” is not a crisis. The “sequester” is not the problem. The real problem is the massive growth in federal spending creating unsustainable deficits and debt that will be shouldered by generations to come. The “sequester” is a solution to a real problem facing America. That said, the “sequester” is not a great solution.The sequester cuts are not a smart way to address the spending problem. The sequester cuts are not adequate to solve the spending and unfunded liability disaster that looms in our entitlement programs. But the odds of getting anything smart out of this administration or this congress that makes even as little impact as do the sequester cuts are vanishingly small. Since it’s a bad bet to rely on our leaders for smart significant cuts, let us at least bank the cuts they already passed.

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The GOP Technology/Message Gap: Impossible To Overcome?

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This New York Times article lays out THE reason why the GOP got their asses handed to them last November. In short, they’re simply behind the times. Both from a technology and messaging standpoint. Now, their are plenty in the GOP who feel like they need to change, adopt new messaging, open the tent, run […]

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