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Huntsman To Be Ambassador To China

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in China, Republicans, Utah

This is a pretty surprising turn of events, because not only was Huntsman mentioned by many as a potential presidential contender in 2012, but this move will have the net effect of thumbing his nose at the entire Republican party. Because if anybody is Mr Bipartisanship in the Republican party, it’s Hunstman. Mix this in […]

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China Wants To Lead The Electric Car Revolution

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cars, China, Energy, Gas

Oh, and hybrids too. From NY Times: The goal, which radiates from the very top of the Chinese government, suggests that Detroit’s Big Three, already struggling to stay alive, will face even stiffer foreign competition on the next field of automotive technology than they do today. […] To some extent, China is making a virtue […]

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China Pitches New Reserve Currency

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in China, Economy, Money, The World

You knew the time would come when the dollar would fall out of favor, but did you think it would happen this fast? Actually, it’s not just the dollar that we’re talking about here. What China is proposing is leveling the playing field and including all world currencies in the reserve basket, which now only […]

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China Worried About U.S. Spending

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in China, Economy, Spending

As every American in financial trouble knows, it’s never good when your creditors start asking questions. Well, today, the United State’s biggest creditor grumbled about our current spending. China’s premier didn’t say it in so many words, but the implied warning to Washington was blunt: Don’t devalue the dollar through reckless spending. Premier Wen Jiabao’s […]

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China Will Keep Buying Our Debt

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in China, Money

Why? Because it’s the best of the worst…and it’s all bad right now. From FT: China will continue to buy US Treasury bonds even though it knows the dollar will depreciate because such investments remain its “only option” in a perilous world, a senior Chinese banking regulator said on Wednesday. China has used the dollars […]

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The Chinese Internet Propaganda Machine

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Blogging, China, Media

50 cents a post to make your country look better? Joe The Plumber would approve. Here’s more from BBC: China is using an increasing number of paid “internet commentators” in a sophisticated attempt to control public opinion. […] They have been dubbed the “50-cent party” because of how much they are reputed to be paid […]

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Uh Oh

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in China, Money

Will this day ever come? Discuss. Tweet

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China’s Torch on top of Tibet

By donar | Related entries in Cartoons, China, In The News, Olympics, Political Graffiti, Sports, The World

My cartoon was linked to post from the NYTimes (Click on Bob McCarty) NYTIMES link Tweet

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McCain Would Not Attend Opening Ceremonies

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, China, McCain, Olympics

Yet another sign he would have a much more nuanced worldview of the world? Of course, it’s not saying that much when you compare it to somebody who characterizes the Olympics as just “a sporting event.” Bush has set the bar pretty low on expectations for the next Republican candidate’s decision making capabilities, but John […]

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San Francisco Holds Secret Olympic Torch Relay

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in California, China, Olympics

Afraid that protests might disrupt the Olympic torch relay, San Francisco and Olympic organizers changed the route at the last second, leaving protestors and supporters staring at empty streets. Wow. What a farce. What’s the point of even having the relay if it’s going to be mainly hidden from view? Much like China’s treatment of […]

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